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Exercise for Bowlers

Exercise can keep you fit and healthy. Like other sports, bowling also needs some exercise to keep you fit for the game.

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When you are throwing a 15 pound ball in a 60 foot lane to put down 9 pins, you need some extra effort to do it. You can injure yourself while doing this. To avoid all these, you can do some exercise to keep yourself fit for the game. In this article I will talk about some simple but effective exercises which will keep you fit for the bowling game.


If you are a bowling player and taking part in a bowling tournament, you need to keep yourself focused on the game and your mental status should be cool. To make that happen, you have to reduce fatigue.

There are some exercises that can remove fatigue. Swimming, rowing, cycling, walking on the treadmill are perfect exercises to reduce fatigue. They put much impact on the lower muscles of your body.


Stretching your muscles can train your mind and the muscle to get familiar with the situation. The body parts which involve bowling like wrists, arms, shoulders, upper back and upper legs need to be stretched and relaxed. Let’s see some simple stretching techniques:

Lunges- Put your both hands on your hips. Then move your one leg a little forward and bend them. The other leg should be bending also and your knee should be a few inches above the ground. Now get back to your normal position and do it to your other leg. Repeat the task 10 times alternating your legs.

Overhand stretch: Put your one hand from over the head and touch your back. Keep your fingers in a tickling position. Hold the elbow with your other hand and pull sideways. Repeat this with another hand and do it for 10 times.

Wrist extension: extend your hand in your front. Hold your fingers with the other hand and try to pull them backwards until you feel a stretch in your forearm. Hold 10 seconds and then do the same keeping your fingers reverse. Repeat it to the other hand.

Cross stretch: Put your hand ahead of you and hold the hand with the other at the elbow. Then pull them to the opposite sideways direction. Hold there for 10 seconds. Repeat that for 2-3 times for both hands.

Front squats

You may think squats as a very common exercise but the truth is, it’s a very effective exercise. But most of the people do it in a wrong and horrific way.

To get any benefit from squats, try a front squat rather than a back squat. If you are unable to do it, you may be facing some other problems which need to be fixed at first.

Keep your chest up, your heels stay planted on the ground and squat low while you are squatting. This is the right way to do it.

Anti-rotation press out or hold

Many of you perform a lot of rotational exercise. But you forget to do any anti-rotational exercise. This kind of exercise is good for building core strength and stability. These are very important for bowling. You can notice one thing that, you can feel easier on one side than other due to the nature of bowling. Anti-rotation exercise will reduce this imbalance.


Everyone knows about the most popular form of exercise which is pushups. As it is so famous, you must know the rules. Never let your chest touch the floor while giving pushups. Stop two inches above the ground. Try to give 20-30 pushups daily. This will improve your strength as well as your stamina.


Lay back on the ground. Hold the back of your head with two hands. Your legs should bend and knees should be up. But you must touch the ground with your toe. Now lift your head, neck and shoulders and curl towards your stomach. Repeat this about 20 times. Doing this exercise will not only give you strength but will also help you to reduce your belly fat.


At the end all I can say is, whether you are playing bowling or any other sports, there is no other option than keeping yourself fit and healthy. Exercise is the best way you can do it with. I hope you will follow the instructions described above and maintain a good stamina and strength for your bowling game.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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