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10 Tallest Basketball Players Of All Time

Basketball is a very famous sport all over the world. “Shoot and score” is the main target of this game.

Basketball was first played in 1891 and was invented by Dr. James Naismith.

From the beginning, this game has successfully attached some tall players due to the nature of this game. Tall players have a natural advantage in this game. They can easily pot the ball in the basket. Because of this advantage, tall players get the front position in this game. We have an article on portable basketball hoops that you can read if you want.

There are a lot of tall players in this game. Now we will take a look at the top 10 tallest players of this game:

1. Gheorghe Muresan

Muresan is at the top of our list. He is marginally taller than the second one in the list. He is the tallest among the players participated in this sport till today. He was the NBA’s most improved player in the year 1966.

Basic information about Muresan:

  • Height – 7 feet 7 inch
  • Weight – 143 kg
  • Nationality – Romanian

2. Manute Bol

Manute Bol has played over 600 games. He has the record of most blocked shots than scores. And he is the only one one who holds this record.

  • Height – 7 feet 6.75 inches
  • Weight – 91 kg
  • Nationality – Sudan

3. Shawn Bradley

Bradely in 1997 held the record for the number of blocks. His parents were from America and former west Germany. He used to play for the Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey nets and Dallas Mavericks.

  • Height – 7 feet 6 inch
  • Weight – 125 kg
  • Nationality – U.s and Germany

4. Yao Ming

Yao ming is considered the oldest player in basketball.

He is the tallest player who took part in at least one match in the All-star game. He made basketball popular in his own hometown. Not only in his hometown, NBA was made popular all over china through him. He retired in 2011 due to some injuries.

  • Height – 7 feet 6 inch
  • Weight – 141 kg
  • Nationality – China

5. Gursimran Sim Bhullar

Bhullar is the first Indian to play in the NBA.

In his debut match, he played only for 16 seconds. He played college basketball for New Mexico state university.

  • Height – 7 feet 5 inch
  • Weight – 163 kg
  • Nationality – Canada

6. Chuck Nevitt

Chuck Nevitt  won the NBA  championship in 1985. He is the tallest NBA champion in history. At that time he was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • Height – 7 feet 5 inch
  • Weight – 113 kg
  • Nationality – USA

7. Pavel Podkolzin

Pavel Podkolzin is a Russian who ranked 21st overall in Utah 2004 drafts.

He played for two years for Dallas. He started his career in 2001.

  • Height – 7 feet 5 inch
  • Weight – 138 kg
  • Nationality – Russia
  • Position – center

8. Slavko Vranes

We now hear that his height is 7 feet 6 inches! He is one of the oldest players of the game. But he has played only one game in his whole career for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

  • Height – 7 feet 5 inch
  • Weight – 133 kg
  • Nationality – Montenegro

9. Mark Eaton

Mark Eaton holds the record for most number of games played. He won the defensive player of the year for 11 consecutive years! He also has the record of most blocked shots.

  • Height – 7 feet 4 inch
  • Weight – 132 kg
  • Nationality – U.S.A

10. Rik Smits

Rik smits played for Indiana Pacers. He spent his full career here. He played almost 867 games and played in center position.

  • Height – 7 feet 4 inch
  • Weight – 113 kg
  • Nationality – Netherlands.


After seeing this list of players, we can easily say, all the tallest players are above 7 feet. However the lowest height for men players is 6 feet and women players is 5 feet 7 inch. There are many tallest players in the history of basketball but here we have made it a short list of just 10 players.

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Abu Bakar
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