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Cowboys Lame-Duck Season: Will 2024 See the Greatest NFL “Fireworks” Show?

Since several Dallas Cowboys players and coaches are in their last year of contracts in 2024, the team’s roster will surely be full of intriguing tales.

Dak Prescott has to do something he hasn’t done since being picked to dispel doubts about signing him to a long-term contract, and Mike McCarthy is perhaps the most pressured NFL coach. When you include in Micah Parsons’ squabbles with Malik Hooker and CeeDee Lamb’s contract drama, you won’t have to go far for entertainment on par with popcorn.

Therefore, Dallas is the third-best NFL club that CBS Sports believes might provide the most spectacular 2024 season.

Jerry Jones’s team has always been associated with the NFL’s spectacular halftime shows, for better or worse. Jones is aiming for postseason success with Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy under scrutiny, but the potential is still there on offense and defense, especially in wide receiver and off-the-edge positions, to make a big impact, according to CBS Sports.

The choice not to go “all-in” in 2024 is even more perplexing when one considers the potential that remains on the roster despite the free-agent departure. Therefore, it seems like the Cowboys are in a tough position.

If McCarthy and Dak’s roster performs as expected, many key players and roughly half the club will be unsigned over the next summer.

On the other side, having the talent still there means that even if things don’t go according to plan, Dallas still has a shot at finishing 9-8. Is that the issue? If Jerry is serious about “blowing it up,” he will not have a high enough draft choice to choose Prescott’s replacement until Prescott is already a member of the team.

The Cowboys will have to lay in their own bed in 2024 regardless of what. I’m curious to see how the season unfolds, given the apparent high level of tension inside the organization even before a game has begun.

What was the best year for the Cowboys?

There are two ways to interpret “best year” for the Dallas Cowboys:

Best Regular Season Record:  The Cowboys achieved their best record twice, in both 1968 and 1977, with a win-loss record of 12-2.

Most Overall Success:  Many fans consider the 1990s the “golden era” for the Cowboys. During this decade, they won two Super Bowls (Super Bowl XXVII and XXVIII) and consistently reached the playoffs.

What is the record for the Cowboys?

In their 64 years of National Football League play, the Dallas Cowboys have the greatest regular season record of any current team in terms of win-loss % with 562 victories, 413 defeats, and 6 tiebreakers.

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