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Chicago Med Season 4 Recap; From Be my Better Half to With A Brave Heart ( Episode 1-22).

Chicago Med Season 4 is an American based medical drama series. The producers’ list includes Michael Brandt, Peter Jankowski, Andrew Schneider, and Rene Balcer while the executive producer of the series is Dick Wolf. This season was broadcasted on 26 September 2018. Chicago Med Season 4 time-slot was changed from Tuesday at 10:00 PM to Wednesday at 8:00 PM. The season was wrapped up on 22 May 2019 having 22 episodes.

Main Characters of the Season:

Chicago Med Season 4 included Nick Gehlfuss, Yaya DaCosta, Torrey DeVitto, Colin Donnell, Brian Tee, Marlyne Barrett, Norma Kuhling, S. Epatha Merkerson, Oliver Platt as Dr. Will Halstead, April Sexton, Dr. Natalie Manning, Dr. Connor Rhodes, Dr. Ethan Choi, Maggie Lockwood, Dr. Ava Bekker, Sharon Goodwin, Dr. Daniel Charles respectively.

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Episodical Review of Season 4:

Here is an episode wise review of Chicago med Season 4.

Episode 1 Be My Better Half:

Sharon had butt head with the new COO of the hospital. Halstead asked about Manning’s feelings regarding their approaching marriage. Ethan got dreadful news about his sister. Emily; Charles regret a loss.

Episode 2 When to Let Go:

A kid came to the hospital; thinking of losing one of her lungs. Dr. Halstead’s father came to the hospital with injuries and died. Dr. Manning and Dr. Bekker attend an intensively burned patient. Dr. Charles admitted Otis Zvonecek considering he was affected by Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as a result of his preceding injuries.

Episode 3 Heavy is the Head:

Dr. Choi dealt with a child who required a kidney transplant. His father was a good match but it was disclosed that the father was a kidnapper. Dr. Manning and a student Elsa Curry dealt with a pregnancy case; insisting to refuse emergency surgery.

Episode 4 Backed Against the Wall:

Halstead made a deal with a racketeer unconsciously. Manning was struggling hard for a noncitizen patient. Rhodes and Bekker fought in OR. Choi was surprised to see Emily’s new boyfriend.

Episode 5 What You Don’t Know:

Halstead and Manning had stress in their relationship when Halstead did his task as a criminal informant. Rhodes pressurize Bekker to investigate the unknown person who donated his satellite OR.

Episode 6 Lesser of Two Evils:

Manning and Halstead had to work fast for the survival of their physically abused patient. Choi and April were stressed to know the reality of their 14-years old patient.

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Episode 7 The Poison Inside Us:

When the poisonous chemical fell out the ED was lockdown. Many lives were in threat. Rhodes and Manning did surgeries for the survival of many patients.

Episode 8 Play by My Rules:

In the 8th episode of Chicago med season 4 Choi and Charles attended a patient with an itch. Halstead and Manning butt head over a tattooed coma patient. Rhodes crossed Goodwin as he did not follow the instructions in the OR.

Episode 9 Death Do Us Part:

Halstead and Manning’s marriage was disturbed. Charles dealt with a lady who skewered her husband. Choi and April attended the delivery of a breech baby.

Episode 10 All the Lonely People:

April was injured by a shooting happening outside the hospital. Charles and Elsa had an emotional conflict. Bekker did not want to go to the event which was honoring Rhodes.

Episode 11 Who Can You Trust:

Halstead was a detractor for dealing with his pregnant patient with illegal actions. Rhodes and Bekker attended a patient who required a liver transplant.

Episode 12 The Things We Do

Manning and a 3-years-old patient confined in a helicopter because of the patient’s state. Choi’s alcoholic patient had fewer chances of life.

Episode 13 Ghosts in the Attic:

Halstead did not let Manning know about the theft of his gun. There was a strain between Connor and Bekker as they were operating an HIV+ patient.

Episode 14 Can’t Un-ring That Bell:

Connor was in trouble with the hospital’s committee and was handling a victim of the shooting. Maggie felt blamable when a previous patient visited again. Charles had the first date.

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Episode 15 We Hold These Truths:

The staff of the hospital was on high alert with the inundation of patients. The ex-wife of Charles came to the city with the news.

Episode 16 Old Flames, New Sparks:

Halstead attended a frozen woman. Choi dealt with a lymphoma patient. Manning did a house call.

Episode 17 The Space Between Us:

A car accidentally hit the bay door of the ambulance. Dr. Choi took difficult steps to save a worker.

Episode 18 Tell Me the Truth:

An emergency phone call to Rhodes made him out from a serious surgery. An FBI agent came to ED; Halstead attended him. Manning and Choi were opposing regarding doctor-patient confidentiality.

Episode 19 Never Let You Go:

The medical staff of the hospital was detained by a man with a gun and the hospital was lockdown completely. Dr. Rhodes came to know that he has less time to spend with his father.

Episode 20 More Harm than Good:

Charles and Manning had butt head to work on a poisonous patient. Halstead had an intuition about Natalie’s new boyfriend.

Episode 21 Forever Hold Your Peace:

Caroline told such news to Dr. Charles; based on that Charles took serious steps for their relationship. Maggie met the new boyfriend of her sister. Rhodes faced a big loss.

Episode 22 With A Brave Heart:

Charles and Caroline thought of some plans at the end of Chicago med season 4. Ava wanted to have her relationship with Connor.

Must watch these interesting episodes before watching the next season of Chicago Med.

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