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Best Sleeping Headphones 2020: Buying Guide and Top 3 Picks

Nowadays, headphones are a necessity for most people. We cannot go a single day without headphones, as they allow us to listen to music and other content seamlessly, regardless of where we are. They’re the perfect accompaniment to our daily commute to work, study sessions, doing chores around the house, and more. 

But they also help people fall asleep. Noise cancellation headphones help block out unnecessary noise and allow you to listen to calming music as you fall asleep. However, choosing the best sleeping headphone can become a complicated affair as you have to consider an entirely different set of factors than what you would do if you were purchasing a normal set of headphones. Not only that, but there are so many options available that making a choice can get difficult. 

That’s why in this article, we’ll talk about all the important factors you need to remember and list our top 3 picks as well. So that you can be wearing headphones while sleeping without any problems. 

Factors To Remember Before Buying Headphones for Sleep

  • Comfort

When it comes to buying sleeping headphones, comfort is primary. You absolutely cannot sacrifice when it comes to comfort, and here’s why. Since you’ll be wearing the headphones all night long, you need to make sure that they sit on your ears comfortably and do not cause discomfort or pain. While it is up to you to decide what is comfortable and what is not, here are some tips that will help. Firstly, make sure that the headphones are well-cushioned. The foam should give adequate support to your ears, without pressing down on them and causing pain, which some types of headphones tend to do. The material should also be soft, and the headphones must not be too thick, as they may prevent you from sleeping comfortably. 

  • Sleeping Habits

The way you sleep is also a crucial deciding factor for your headphone purchase. This is simply because the way you sleep and your sleeping habits will decide what kinds of headphones you should buy. If you’re a side sleeper, then over-the-ear headphones aren’t meant for you, as they’ll prevent you from laying your head down. However, for back and stomach sleepers, it’s completely fine. Similarly, if you’re someone who tends to toss and turn a lot, go for wireless headphones. Wired headphones may get tangled up around your body during the night as you shift from position to position. 

  • Power 

The power or battery life of the headphones is another important thing to check. Since you’ll be wearing them to bed while you sleep, they need to have the capability of lasting at least 8-10 hours. This should be even more if you plan on using them beyond the confines of your home. The higher-priced headphones have a battery life of 13+ hours. But, with long battery life, a headphone also needs to have some additional features. For instance, it shouldn’t overheat even if it’s used for a long time. Some headphones tend to overheat and become hot during extended periods of usage, which can be harmful to your ears. 

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Our Top 3 Picks

Now that we’ve told you how you can buy the best pair for yourself, here are our top 3 picks for the best sleeping headphones. 

  • Shure SE215

Our first pick for the best pair of sleeping headphones is the SE215 by Shure, an excellent in-ear earphone with noise-canceling technology that can block sounds of up to 37 decibels. They also have an enhanced bass feature and HD drivers, that will make falling asleep to music a one-of-a-kind experience. The design aspect of this product is great as well, with buds that fit snugly and comfortably inside the ear. The connector provides 360 rotation for maximum comfort as well. The earphones are available in wired form as well as wireless form, that transmits music through Bluetooth. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, which is another stamp of quality. All in all, this is an excellent item that will suit all kinds of sleepers. 

  • AcousticSheep SleepPhones

Our second pick is this amazing sleep headband that is comfort re-defined. It is available in wireless and wired versions, with the Bluetooth one lasting for 10+ hours whereas the wired one has 30-feet wire length. This sleep headband is made of the softest fleece, which keeps your ears comfortable and warm all night. It is also available in three distinct sizes, for better suitability and comfort. However, comfort and design isn’t the only thing that they offer. The noise-cancellation on this is excellent and its performance rivals those of high-end earphones. 

  • Kokoon EEG

Our third pick is the Kokoon noise-canceling and sleep-sensing headphones, that has taken everyone by storm. Other than providing an outstanding listening experience, they also have a white-noise feature that blocks out sound and plays white noise to help you sleep. The movement sensors and attached microphone also detect and block out any disturbance that may be present in your sleeping environment. Armed with Bluetooth 4.0 and made with high-quality materials for great comfort, it is an amazing product. However, the only drawback is that side sleepers cannot use this. 

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