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How To Pick The Best Headphones For Recording Studios

Looking for the best type of headphones to use in your recording studio can be a tough ordeal. While you may be strongly tempted to get the cheapest, most affordable product that you can find in the market, it would only cost you to lose a significant amount of time and money since you need to replace it regularly. Meanwhile, the high-end ones usually have higher price points, which is why you need to carefully consider all your options to get the most out of your investment.

But having the best headphones has a lot of perks. According to the French manufacturer of Focal Utopia, listening to music using a headphone with state-of-the-art quality can provide you with a new atmosphere. It can surround you with a genuinely clear sound even during the recording stage.

If you are aiming to get the most reliable kind of studio headphones, here are several shopping factors that you need to keep in mind.

Style Options

Generally, you will find two types of headphones available in the market today. The first one is the open-back headphone model. It is best known for providing users with the clearest natural sound. This headphone is designed to let the mic from the recording studio to pick up the audio that comes from every sound heard through the headphones.

It is also best for checking the balance from the mix of the track you are working on. Headphones like the Focal Utopia claim that the open back design of the ear cups removes the typical compression on the user’s head.

Meanwhile, the other design is called close back design. It can let the users keep the external noises, which is better for professionals who would want to listen intently to a new track.

Overall Features

Since working on a new track normally takes hours, you need to ensure that all the headphones that you use are very comfortable for the users. The device must sit snugly on the user’s head. It must also come with a headband that bends continuously so it could conform to the user’s unique head shape and size.

The weight of the device is also a crucial factor to consider when buying a headphone for the studio. Ideally, you must get a lighter headphone to provide optimal comfort for the listener. If you are using an over-the-ear headphone, you must also look for a device that comes with a rotating cup to allow your ears to avoid too much pressure.


Investing in a headphone for your studio requires a significant amount of money. You would want to make your purchase last to get the most out of your investment. To check if the item that you bought is durable, you must look for something with a reasonable weight. The cheaper ones tend to be lighter, so you must buy something a bit heavier without sacrificing your comfort.

You must also check if the headset bundle comes with the right cable conditions. If it includes a thin and brittle cable, it may break faster compared to the usual thick cords. It would also help if you can ask the seller if there are spare parts available for your headphones in case it gets broken from prolonged use.

Like any purchases, you will always get what you pay for when buying headphones for your recording studio. If you pick the least expensive ones in stores, you must expect to find a replacement after several uses. But if you are expecting to get the best quality, you must be prepared to invest in high-end products to give you the optimal performance that you expect from these devices.

Niti Joe
Niti Joe
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