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Your Complete Guide to Installing an Electric Cooker

Installing an electric cooker requires proper knowledge in all electrical works. You may either do it yourself or hire an electrician to get it done quickly.

A qualified electrician is only allowed to install a new circuit for an electric cooker. But any competent DIY enthusiast can replace as well as upgrade their gas oven to an electrical option. This blogpost will discuss about the process of installing as well as wiring an electric cooker.

Necessary preparation to install an electric cooker

Firstly, you should know about the requirements which include electric cookers to draw great amount of power than gas oven. This is mainly because they generate a larger and evenly distributed amount of intense heat. By keeping this mind, you need to be sure if you have a large fuse, a heat-resistant cable and double pole isolating switch.

When to need a double pole isolating switch than a single

It is all about a matter of safety concerns. Though a single switch overrides live wiring to the cooker, an oven uses huge power during an electrical circuit that neutral wire might carry some amount of current. A double pole isolating switch will power down neutral wire and lessen the risk of residual electrical shocks in case you touch the cooker once it has been tripped.

Cables and circuits required for an electric cooker installation

All electric cookers need their own radial circuit and it is not recommended for an oven to share circuit with another kitchen appliance. You will have to install a cooker control unit within two metres but not directly above it. After this, you should run a thick cable which is capable of supporting the amount of electricity your oven requires to one side.

Obviously, you have to keep this close to the appliance in order to avoid any probable trip hazards in the kitchen. Now, you are all set to wire your electric oven.

How to wire an electric cooker

The method of wiring an oven is quite similar to wiring a plug. For this, you need to switch off any power source to the oven at the mains and then feed your circuit cable into the control unit of the oven. Strip the circuit cable’s end before bringing the appliance in its place to hook up everything and you are almost there with it.

How to install an electric cooker

At first, you will need someone who can help in lifting as well as shifting electric ovens. Other wise, you might be at some serious risk to your back. Once you are at the right position, try to locate terminal outlet box on your appliance which is found halfway up the back of the cooker and then covered up with an unscrewable plate.

After this, remove the plate and then connect the live, earth and neutral wires to their appropriate positions. You need to know that blue neutral is for the left, green and yellow earth through the centre and brown live to the right. After the wires are made tight, close up the outlet box and then complete all remaining connections to the control unit.

By doing so, get the oven into the proper position and switch on the mains power. When all is done properly, you will be ready cook up a storm.

Some FAQs

Is it possible to install my own electric cooker?

Yes, you can install an electric cooker if you possess necessary qualification and status to work with electricity.

Who else can do the work of an electric cooker installation in London?

Any reputable appliance store provides a service for installing your oven at an affordable price. But if you are confident enough to do the work by yourself, then you can actually save this additional expense. Besides, you obviously do not want to take up any chance when installing this appliance. So, it is always better to hire a professional in case you have any doubts in mind.

Where should I go at the time of installing an electric oven from the scratch?

You need to install the cooker at least 300mm from other objects in your kitchen other than countertops. So, try to keep the oven as far as possible from the fridge-freezer and sink.

Is this a wiring issue when the oven does not heat properly?

It might be a wiring, a blown fuse, or an issue with any element within the cooker. Most electric ovens need to have a digital clock on them and if it works, then the problem has occurred due to lack of power. If not, then you will require the help of an electrician.

Should I follow these instructions to switch the oven?

Yes, you have to switch off your gas supply in the surrounding area, and probably remove the gas pipe. You may get in touch with an electrician for further assistance.

Are electric cookers costly to use?

They seem to produce higher utility bills than a gas oven, yes. But an electric oven will heat up things much quickly than a gas to distribute the amount of heat in an evenly way.

Thus, hire electricians in London for electric cooker installation so that the work can be done properly and you can avoid the risks associated with short circuits in your house.


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