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Why Reddit Soccer streams banned and alternative of streaming Soccer

Premier League football fans want free live streams to catch the action of their favorite team. But they no longer get the Reddit Soccer stream. The famous online streaming thread closed down, and 400,000 users are trying to find another way to watch premier league matches.

The Reddit got huge followers and send the links of free live streams for football matches. That was an illegal thing, and the Reddit agreement was shut down with the Premier League last month. It could happen because moderators of the thread received copyright issues and ceased all user-related activity for the subreddit.

Fans are asking about the legal streaming to watch football matches online. Many services are available to watch soccer streaming. Sky Sports screen offers live coverage of the Saturday, as well as Sunday and Monday’s games, are available on Sky Go app.

Moreover, fans can purchase Sky Sports through NOW TV. BT sports bring live coverage of 5:30 pm, which available via the app also.

Streaming Packages

Fans can catch the live streaming on their app on Sky Go. If you don’t have access, purchase a Sky Sports package and enjoy streaming.

The streaming services are offering weekly, monthly, and yearly packages.

The Sky Sports passes via Now TV available in £5.99. You can watch BT sports matches via their app. You can cancel at any time or continue once the trial has ended at the cost of £5 per month to use the app and £10 for casting.

You can also watch the following matches on Sky Sports.

Currently, Tottenham v/s Huddersfield live match streaming is available on Sky Sports Main Event. Manchester United Host West Ham is available at 5:30 on BT sport 1.

Crystal Palace is providing services to Manchester City tomorrow at 2:05 pm on Sky Sports. Arsenal travel to Watford is also live on Sky Sports on Monday Night 8 pm.

However, alternative soccer streaming services are available, which you can try.

SoccerStream is banned nowadays. So fans are worries after getting this news because they used SoccerStrem to stream several materials like sports and TV shows. To fill this gap they are looking for some Alternatives for SoccerStream.

There are many alternatives are available in the online market to stream what you want. But some of them are not good alternatives. Therefore, to save your time, I am explaining here Top Reddit Alternatives for SoccerStream. These alternatives are very useful and good to stream material.

Therefore, have a look below and pick the right choice for streaming objectives.


This subreddit is especial for those people who like to stream Reddit for their football platform. However, this is not a legal site due to copyrights claim, therefore, it is not a reliable source to enjoy online streaming. But you will find it exactly like SoccerStream.

Moreover, it is small in size and cannot give you full coverage of all sports. Mostly less popular leagues like the Asian league will have no steam.


This alternative is also provided by the Reddit that will give you a separate link before streaming each game. It is a small platform like /r/SoccerStream 69. This streaming channel has few subscribers as compared to other alternatives. It has only 10k subscribers. And only 1k subscribers are available online at a time.

However, most of the links available on this platform are from AceStream due to which users do not need to worry about the buffering reason. The people from outside also posting several links on this site so you will find exactly that you need.


Redsoccer is just launched before the blocking of the SoccerStream. Therefore, it is the start beginning time of the Redsoccer streaming platform. Although it has a few subscribers, it will provide those incredibly excellent links that are far better than others.

It allows other people to post links on the site. But people have to follow the rules and guides to register which help to improve the quality. The direct links are only available for the newbies. Moreover, you can run the site with minimum internet speed.


/r/SoccerThunder is one of the top alternatives for SoccerStream. New users on the platform and SoccerThunder is trying to bring back the features of SoccerStream in it. All the work is done via discord channel which means that the Reddit sub is actually simple.

As SoccerStream is blocked now therefore, it is not sure how long does it stay in the online industry? Moreover, it will provide users with several links to stream and enjoy.


If you are looking for alternatives for SoccerStream then /r/SoccerstreamsRedd is one of the good choices to get non-stop streaming for sports? It will upload several streaming links for the fans. And if these links are no longer touched by the visitors then these are automatically deleted after some time. Therefore, on this platform, you will get a wide range of links to stream the required link.


RedditSoccercity is one of the most famous streaming sites itself a time ago. But now it is gradually decreasing its familiarity. Therefore, the streaming experience of this site is not much pleasing nowadays. It has not many links for visitors.

Best Discord Channel For Getting Live Football Links

Discord has taken the web by storm, permanently eliminating the necessity to possess Skype, TeamSpeak, Mumble, or Ventrilo servers; the most straightforward part about Discord is that it’s free! You’re ready to speak via text channels or voice and share images, audio, and videos. Albeit Discord is available to serve the gaming community. Now it’s become a stable application for any group of individuals that wish to converse online. As soon as Reddit banned SoccerStreams, many of us started flocking to Discord servers.

These Discord servers will serve the streams within the same way as SoccerStreams did. You’ll be ready to send stream links into mods so that they can approve and that they will become available to observe half-hour before the match starts. Therefore, if you visit the channel when no games are live, you won’t see any links.


The SoccerStreams subreddit was among the simplest and most convenient options for people that wanted to observe their favorite teams play without pocket money on subscriptions. You’d be ready to see the streaming links half-hour before kickoff, and there would be an outsized number of streams to settle on from, varying in quality.

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