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Why Coming 2 America Appointed Jermaine Fowler after his BBQ Based Audition and Why Film got a PG-13 Rating?

Coming 2 America is the sequel to Coming to America released in 1988. It is an American, romantic, and comic film directed by Craig Brewer. The new faces include Wesley Snipes, Leslie Jones, Tracy Morgan, Jermaine Fowler, Bella Murphy, Rotimi, KiKi Layne, Nomzamo Mbatha, and Teyana Taylor. While the antecedent faces include Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Shari Headley, John Amos, and Louie Anderson.

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Brewer Selected Fowler for Akeem’s Son:

While the processing period of the film; the most important step was to select an actor who would play Akeem’s son in Coming 2 America. There was a long list of comic actors who would be willing to work with icons such as Murphy and Hall. But after the audition by Brewer; Fowler was selected for the role of a son (Lavelle). As this role needs enough comedic aptitude.

Fowler talked about BBQ for 45 Minutes in his Audition to the director:

Jermaine Fowler is the new face in the sequel of Coming to America. An audition held between director Craig Brewer and Jermaine Fowler; Fowler accepted that their audition consisted of 45 mints discussion about BBQ. He enjoyed his chat with the director but was unsure about his selection because of his BBQ discussion. So; when he received a callback, he was asked to perform before the producer of the film.

I’m laughing because it’s still crazy. My first audition, Craig and I just sat in a room and talked about barbecue for 45 minutes. At one point we said goodbye to each other and then we went, ‘Oh, wait, we’ve got an audition.

Fowler’s Acting Inspired by Murphy:

Fowler’s happiness and gratitude can be estimated by his saying to be cast in “Coming 2 America”. He said; it was Eddie Murphy Raw film that inspired him a lot and he chose acting. Also, Murphy’s acting boosted him to act in films and TV.

Jermaine Fowler was cast in this featured movie after Fowler’s “Sorry to Disturb You” premier in 2018. In the audition; Brewer came to know about the comic confidence of Fowler which the director was actually looking for the role of Lavelle.

Up-and-Coming Actor Tracy Morgan Work with Murphy:

Like Fowler; Tracy Morgan is an up-and-coming actor who finally enjoyed the opportunity to work with Eddie Murphy and also to be a part of the upcoming movie.

Scenes Captured in Zamunda:

In the previous part; Lavelle lived with his mother Leslie Jones and Uncle Reem; Tracy Morgan in Queens. Most of the scenes of the sequel are captured in Zamunda. The new part seems vanished of fish out of water element and now Lavelle has to adjust himself to the whole new setup that is the life of Africa. The trailer can check here:

Akeem (Murphy) Return to New York City:

In Coming to America the fish out of water story took a pause and the sequel take start from the return of Akeem (Murphy) to New York City with his trustworthy sidekick Semmi. In the sequel, two Zamundans are probing for the heir to the African nation throne in Akeem’s unsanctioned son, Lavelle (Fowler).

Fans and Upcoming Stars’ excitement:

There are many reasons for the fans and stars to be thrilled and electrified for the upcoming movie as brilliant and polished veterans such as Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, newcomers such as Jermaine Fowler and Tracy Morgan have cast.

Murphy Coming to America was not much successful financially but it printed marks in the minds of fans. This is the reason; why fans were so excited and anticipated the follow-up of Coming to America.

MPAA Gave PG-13 Rating:

Eddie Murphy gave hits comedic pieces to the box office and Coming 2 America is another piece to the puzzle. When Eddie Murphy took back his role of king Akeem in Coming 2 America; the MPAA gave a PG-13 rating to the film for its primitive and sexual content, language, and drug contentment.

After waiting 30 years; the wait of fans of Coming to America is going to fruitful on 5, March 2021 on the release of Coming 2 America. Not only the fans are waiting for the movie but also the upcoming stars who have worked in it.

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