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Who is the shortest NBA player of all time? The truth about it is revealed.

Despite the fact that the NBA is known as a big man’s game, countless tiny players have made an impact over the years. Who is the shortest NBA player of all time? Does no one deny the NBA Slam Dunk Contest victory of 5’6″ point guard Spud Webb or the 32-point performance of 5’5″ spark plug Early Boykin against the Detroit Pistons? The ten most minor players in NBA history are shown below. They were short in stature but tall inability. A handful of them became coaches and training managers once they retired. These ten athletes’ stories will energize and motivate your soul, bringing life to your dreams. In 2022, have a look at the list of shortest NBA players.

1. Chris Paul

Chris Paul is a musician from the United States.

He stands 6’0″ tall in shoes, although his true height is probably closer to 5’11”.  He’s currently the top point guard in the NBA, and he’s leading the Los Angeles Clippers to a far better season than they’ve had previously. He is also renowned for being the shortest basketball player.

Paul is a natural passer who isn’t afraid to take over games with a deft pass or a clutch jumper. Despite his height, he’s a fantastic on-ball defender. Paul is quick enough to keep ahead of his man and has the second most steals per game in the NBA (2.44). Thanks to a solid supporting cast, Chris Paul’s best is yet to come.

2. Muggsy Bogues

Who is the shortest NBA player of all time? Who else except Muggsy possibly is number one? Muggsy Bogues, record at 5’3″, is the shortest player in NBA history. In 1987, the Washington Bullets sorted out him 12th overall, and he went on to play for the Hornets, Warriors, and Raptors.

Muggsy was a brilliant passer and stealer because he used his bulk. Muggsy only averaged 7.7 points a game, but he had an incredible 7.6 average. He even has 39 career blocks, one of which came against Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks.

Individuals may flourish in a league that heavily favors size, as these pint-sized (compared to the NBA) players have shown. He is a Famous small basketball player in NBA history. While you cannot change your height, you can change your heart and dedication.

3. Earl Antoine Boykins

The rankings improve as the height decreases. Earl Boykins 5’5″ in height, is the NBA’s second shortest player. He is the Shortest NBA player currently in the states. Despite not being the quickest, Boykin’s was the lightest at 133 pounds. Boykins was never drafted and spent his career bouncing around from club to team. From 2003 through 2007, he spent most of his time with the Denver Nuggets.

Boykin’s scored and passed well despite his size. He scored 32 points against the Pistons, making him the NBA’s shortest player to score 30-plus points. Boykin’s also averaged 3.2 assists each game, which is outstanding considering he only, played 20 minutes per game on average.

4. Mel Hirsch

The height of Hirsch is probably 5’6, average NBA height. Boston Celtics are an executive basketball team from Boston, Massachusetts. Active Years: 1946-1947

Hirsch is the shortest player in NBA history after appearing in 13 games during the 1946-47 seasons. The Celtics ended 22-38 and tied for bottom place in their six-team league, far from their glory days.

5. Greg Grant


Greg Grant was a Division III standout at the College of New Jersey. After that, he was picked by the Phoenix Suns. Greg Grant has battled opponents nearly twice his size over his nine-year NBA career with six teams. That is not a wrong career choice for one of the NBA’s shortest players.

6. Louis “Red” Klotz

5’7 inches

Louis “Red,” a former NBA basketball player, was appreciated for his eye-catching red hair and diminutive stature.. Klotz made his NBA debut in 1947 with the Baltimore Bullets.

Klotz became the owner of the American Basketball League’s Philadelphia Spas, which he renamed the Washington Generals after five years. His team went to compete against the Globetrotters in 1953.

His team didn’t fare well, so he renamed them the New York Nationals, who were then called the Washington Generals once more. He became the game’s spokesperson for spreading love. The NBA’s oldest living world champion, Klotz, died on July 12, 2014.

7. Anthony Webb

133 POUNDS weight, 5’7″ height

Spud Webb is the NBA’s shortest player that has ever competed in the Slam Dunk Contest. Even more, extraordinary was that he was the 1986 tournament winner. Dominique Wilkins, who is 6’8′′, was Spud Webb’s opponent in the Slam Dunk Contest. Webb won the final round twice with a flawless 50.

Spud Webb, on the other hand, is a fantastic NBA player. In the 1994-95 seasons, he led the team with a free throw percentage of over 93 percent.

8. Keith Jennings

5’7″ is his height. Golden State Warriors are the name of the team. Active Years: 1993-1995

Jennings, who stands 5’7″, received the Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award in 1991, which is given yearly to the best senior player under six feet tall.  He averaged 18 minutes per game with the Warriors for various seasons, and after his NBA career ended, he spent nearly a decade playing overseas.

9. Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson is a short man, standing 5’9″ tall. Robinson, make no mistake, still possesses above-the-rim ability. He has won the Sprite Slam Dunk Championship three times, in 2006, 2009, and 2010. He is well known for leaping over Dwight Howard for a game-winning slam-dunk. Spud Webb coached Robinson to his first dunk championship, which was fitting.

Robinson was selected 21st overall in the 2005 NBA Draft and has since played for the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Golden State Warriors. He has established himself as a strong backup point guard with career averages of 11.3 points per game and 2.6 assists per game.

10. Michael Adams

Michael Adams, another athlete who went unnoticed on draught day, was selected 66th overall by the Sacramento Kings. After a couple of underwhelming seasons with the Denver Nuggets, Michael burst in 1990-91, averaging 26.5 points per game.

He was traded to the Washington Bullets the next year and named to the All-Star team. Adams was one of the few push-shot shooters in the NBA, with 9,621 points and 4,209 steals. Adams’ career averages were 14.7 points per game and 6.4 assists per game, all good numbers for a guard of any height.

11. Avery Johnson

Avery Johnson, the current coach of the New Jersey Nets and 2006 Coach of the Year, was a tremendous NBA player. Johnson is 5’10” and is given the “Little General” title.

Johnson, who went undrafted at the time, went on to play a crucial part for the Spurs’ 1999 NBA Championship team, hitting the game-winning shot in Game 5. From 1988 through 2004, he bounced around from team to team. His time with the Spurs is legendary, and the team retired his number in 2007.

Johnson has shown to be a capable head coach after his playing career. The Dallas Mavericks won 50 games or more in his first three full seasons with the organization.

12. Wataru Misaka — 5’7″ tall Player

This Japanese-American survivor had a rough life but persevered. Despite his diminutive stature, he assisted his fellow Utah teammates in winning the 1944 NCAA Championship for the University of Utah. After college, he served in the Army for two years, fulfilling his duty to the country.

After a couple of years devoted to the Army, he returned to the University of Utah and helped his team win the National Invitation Tournament Championship.

Misaka was a point guard with the New York Knicks from 1947 to 1948. He is also the first Asian-American player to compete in the NBA and win. In 1999, he was introduced to the Utah Sports Hall of Fame.

13. Calvin Murphy

Calvin Murphy is the shortest player in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, standing at 5’9″. Murphy was drafted 18th overall by the Rockets, who were based in San Diego. He played for the Rockets for the rest of his career. He has 17,949 points (17.9 PPG) and 4,402 assists in his career (4.4 APG).

Murphy had a significant free-throw shooting percentage. His 1980-81 seasons has the second-highest rate of any season in history (95.8 percent). He also holds the third-longest free-throw streak in the NBA, with 78 attempts.


A question arises, what is the average height of basketball players? An NBA player’s average size is approximately 6-foot-6. However, the difference in height between the tallest and shortest players in NBA history is almost two feet (24 inches), with the tallest standing at 7-foot-7 and the smallest at 5-foot-3.

The fact that these guys are short hasn’t hampered their ability to play successfully. They made history while having no physical edge, thanks to playmaking and a high basketball IQ. Do you believe that a basketball player’s height matters? Who is the shortest NBA player of all time?  Which of the top 10 shortest NBA players is your favorite? Add your views in the comments.

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