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Who Is The Oldest College Football Player? Let’s Get Explore!

Although it is not unheard of in the National Football League (NFL) and has grown more popular in recent years, playing college football in your late 30s is still a very unusual event. In this post, we will tell you about who is the oldest college football player or who holds the record for the oldest age.

7 Oldest College Football Players Ever

Alan Moore holds the record for being the oldest college football player in the history of the sport. In spite of this, every single one of these people defied the rules and participated in at least one collegiate football game at some point in their lives. Continue reading if you want to learn more about them. Let’s find out more with Sportda, shall we?

Here are the 7 Oldest College Football Players in 2023:

7. James Stefanou

Who Is The Oldest College Football Player

James Stefanou, who is 32 years old and plays college football for the University of Colorado Boulder, is the oldest player in the history of the sport. Before joining the football team at his high school in 2017, Australian native Stefanou had never participated in a football league of any kind.

He has played American football with ProKick Australia in the past and has some experience doing so. Through participation in this program, Australian football players are given the opportunity to strengthen their skills in preparation for competition at the college and NFL levels in the United States.

Despite the fact that he did not grow up playing American football, Stefanou has always been a very athletic person. When Stefanou was younger, he competed for Australia on the Under-19 team, which is a youth development squad that acts as an interim group for the Olympic team.

James Stefanou kicks field goals from distances of up to 60 yards on a consistent basis and has aspirations of playing in the National Football League (NFL).

6. Tim Frisby

Who Is The Oldest College Football Player

Tim Frisby had already reached the age of 39 when he participated in the football tryouts held at the University of South Carolina in 2004. He wasn’t even close to being as old as most of the other individuals on this list, which was very impressive.

Frisby was still in great physical form after serving as an Army Ranger for the United States of America in both the First Gulf War and Kosovo. Up until 2005, Frisby, who had reached the age of 40 at the time, played the wide receiver position for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks.

The increased attention that he received for his football career prompted Frisby to think about turning his life into a film. During the time when the most recent version was being developed in 2014, Frisby was working as a fitness instructor at Gold’s Gym.

During the height of the media attention being paid to Tim Frisby’s tale, he made appearances on “The Late Show” with David Letterman and “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

5. Bob Schembre

Who Is The Oldest College Football Player

In 2008, when Bob Schembre was already 51 years old, he made the decision to try out for the football team at Westminster College. He turned 52 later that same year.

Because both of Schembre’s boys had previously participated in football for Westminster, Schembre decided to schedule a meeting with one of the team’s coaches, purportedly to talk about his sons.

Schembre, on the other hand, communicated his desire to play football for the school to its trainer and said that he was interested in trying out. The coach decided to give Schembre a go, and he ended up being selected for the squad.

In contrast to the rest of the players on the roster, he had never participated in a competitive football game. However, he had spent time in the Navy and maintained passable physical form.

Bob Schembre, who has served as a priest for a significant amount of time, received his degree in theology from Westminster College in 2014 and afterward coached a homeschooling high school squad.

4. Joe Thomas Sr.

Who Is The Oldest College Football Player

The quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys is named Joe Thomas Jr., and his father is Joe Thomas Sr. Joe Thomas Jr. holds the record for being the oldest player in Division 1 collegiate football. In 2016, Thomas still competed for South Carolina State University despite being 55 years old.

This veteran defensive player is a kick returner while carrying the ball three yards during the game. He is also the oldest member of the team. Ever since Thomas was a little boy growing up close to South Carolina State University, he had the ambition to participate in NCAA football.

Even though Thomas played football in high school and was a standout at running back, he was not allowed to play when he was younger. When Thomas Jr. started school, Thomas Sr. decided to go with him and continue their tradition of playing together.

However, despite the fact that they were both selected for the team, Thomas Jr. and Thomas Sr. were never given the chance to play altogether since Thomas Sr. was injured in a car accident. This oldest D1 football college player was eventually cleared to play collegiate football after undergoing some necessary rehabilitation for many years.

The years that Joe Thomas Sr. spent with his family working in fields resulted in his ears being clogged with grit and dust, which caused him to become mostly deaf during his formative years. Unfortunately, Thomas’ clogged ears were not detected until he was 17 years old, despite the fact that this NCAA-level athlete had battled to hear for years before that age.

3. Mike Flynt

Who Is The Oldest College Football Player

Prior to Tom Thompson breaking his record in 2009, Mike Flynt held the record for being the oldest player in the history of collegiate football. Flynt decided to continue his football career at the age of sixty by enrolling once more at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas.

Flynt said that the fact that he was kicked from the team before his senior year of college after getting into many fights on campus was something he had always been ashamed of.

Because of his strength training instructor at Nebraska, Oregon, and Texas A&M, Flynt was in far better physical shape than some of the other athletes on this list who were in their later years.

After discovering that he could still compete for Sul Ross State, Flynt decided to try out for the team and ended up making the cut. During the 2007 season, Mike Flynt’s diehard fans, who were known as the “Sul Ross Baby Boomers,” gave him a lot of support.

2. Tom Thompson

Who Is The Oldest College Football Player

In 2009, Tom Thompson, then 61 years old and a graduate student at Austin College in Sherman, Texas, became the oldest player in the history of American college football.

Although Thompson only played in one game during that season, he was responsible for Austin College’s single touchdown and the game’s sole point after kicking the extra point. Before the game in 2009, Thompson hadn’t participated in a competitive football game since he was in high school over half a century earlier.

As of his appearance in a game in 2011, Alan Moore had the record for being the oldest NCAA football player ever. However, Thompson now has the record for being the oldest NCAA college football player ever. In his autobiography titled “Kick Start,” Thompson covers his life and all of his accomplishments.

Because Tom Thompson broke a record while playing for Austin College, the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Indiana, is honoring his accomplishment by displaying his jersey from that team.

1. Alan Moore

Who Is The Oldest College Football Player

When Alan Moore joined the Faulkner University football team in 2023, he was 61 years old, making him one of the oldest players in all of collegiate football. In the very first match of the 2011 season, Moore converted an extra point. When he attended Jones College in Mississippi in 1968, he was an active participant in the college football program there. Moore, on the other hand, was a soldier who had served in the armed forces during the Vietnam War after being drafted.

Moore was employed in the sector for many decades after the war, up to the onset of the economic downturn in 2009. Moore came to the conclusion that he enjoyed football once more now that he had more time on his hands after watching the match at Jones College with his grandkids.

Moore was able to play for Holmes Community College because a conditioning coach gave him permission to do so. Eventually, Moore transferred to Faulkner University and eventually joined the team there.

He wore square-toe kicking shoes from back in the day since it was the kind of kicking that he liked to use rather than the more modern soccer technique. The word “believe” was printed on the kicking shoe that he was wearing.


How old is the oldest football kicker?

Morten Andersen is the oldest kicker in the history of the National Football League (NFL). He played the position exclusively for 47 years before calling it quits.

What is the oldest college football team?

150 years of Rutgers University (Everyone who follows college football is aware that on November 6, 1869, Rutgers played host to in-state rival Princeton, earning them the title of “The Birthplace of College Football.”

Who is the oldest college football player?

HE IS A MAN! Ray Ruschel, 49, played football for North Dakota. Academic Help has more about passing tests and getting into North Dakota State College of Science. Ruschel is the oldest active college football player.


Who is the oldest college football player? After reading this article, what are your thoughts and feelings? Are you surprised by any of these names for vintage football players? Visit Sportda if you are interested in gaining access to further useful information pertaining to sports.

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