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What Positions Did Michael Jordan Play in Basketball During His Career?

Michael Jordan was the GOAT and the personification of the entire game of basketball. Everyone agrees that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player to ever play the game, but what positions did Michael Jordan play throughout his career? His primary position was shooting guard (SG), but he also excelled at small forward (SF) and point guard (PG), even though he could have played all five.

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The majority of people consider Michael Jordan to be the best basketball player to ever step foot on a court. Many people are unaware that he played other positions in his career than just shooting guard, even though most people have seen footage of his most impressive dunks, tongue sticking out, or iconic fade away.

Jordan not only occupied a variety of positions during his career in the NBA, but he also performed admirably no matter where he was placed. He was able to “flip the switch” and step up his performance, whether he was playing guard or forward.

So, what position did Michael Jordan play during his career? Let’s find out more about him in this article.

What Position Did Michael Jordan Play During His Career?

When he was at his best, the renowned basketball player, Michael Jordan, thrived as a shooting guard. He also participated as a small forward and point guard, two additional positions. They nevertheless demonstrate Michael Jordan’s versatility as a basketball player, while not being as impressive as the first position.

Shooting Guard (SG)

What Positions Did Michael Jordan Play

Michael Jordan played the position of shooting guard and had a bright college career. He was named the ACC Freshman of the Year as a freshman. Dean Smith was Michael Jordan’s coach while he was a shooting guard for the team. His statistics at the time were exceptional, averaging 13.4 ppg on 53.4% shooting (field goal percentage).

He made a key leap against Georgetown’s opponent squad in the 1982 NCAA Championship game. Patrick Ewing, the team’s captain, later competed against him in the NBA. For Jordan, this shot was a crucial turning point in his career. He played for the Tar Heels for the following three seasons. He averaged 17.7 points per game on 54.0% of his shots while also adding 5.0 rebounds per game.

Michael Jordan caught the attention of many due to his outstanding performance. He remained a member of the NCAA Team of the Year. The fact that he played for this group for two years in a row is even more astounding (1983–1984).

Another significant year in his career was 1984. He received the Naismith and played his final season at Wood College. A short while thereafter, Michael Jordan joined the NBA.

NBA League

What Positions Did Michael Jordan Play
“His Airness'” superior physical prowess elevated him to the top of this hierarchy

Michael Jordan’s major position is shooting guard. His prime was during the period he served in this capacity with the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan used it to enter the storied shrine of basketball players.

The most explosive and unpredictable position in a game is shooting guard. This is the ideal position for a motivated player like Jordan. “His Airness'” exceptional physical prowess propelled him to the top of this hierarchy.

Michael Jordan is unquestionably a dangerous shooter, first and foremost. He sets the bar for what a shooting guard must accomplish in order to score points.

The average number of points scored in a game up until this point has been 30.12. It is challenging to match Jordan’s accomplishments. The Chicago Bulls had successful seasons while Michael Jordan was a member of the team for the same reason.

In addition, Michael Jordan positions himself as the ruler of creation. He has five assists per game on average. That shows Jordan’s adaptability and tactical depth. The more evidence there is that he is a monster on the football field.

In the 1989 season, Jordan registered one of his legendary scoring hits. In this thrilling victory between the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers, he made the shot against Craig Elho.

Another member of his club is a standout small forward player as well. Jordan and Pippen’s seamless teamwork made the scoring period more fierce and potent than before.

Point Guard (PG)

Michael Jordan played point guard, even though many people might not be aware of this. At the time, a point guard’s height was typically around 6’1. Michael Jordan stands at 6’6″. Many will be perplexed as to how he can play in that position given his height.

Point Guard (PG)
Point Guard (PG)

The former Bulls point guard, Sam Vincent’s performance drop is the only explanation for this. The team was playing in a competition at the time and was under a lot of strain. Doug Collins, the coach, then faced a critical choice. It’s difficult to believe because this coach made one of the best choices possible.

Mike played as a point guard in the final 24 games of the season, averaging 30.4 points, 10.7 assists, 9.2 rebounds, and 2.4 steals per contest. In addition, this player recorded 12 triple-doubles. Jordan has scored twice in the previous 11 games, to be exact.

Despite the impressiveness of these numbers, NBA fans hardly remember Jordan’s time as a point guard. But he also demonstrates why he is a living legend with his adaptability and commitment. Jordan fought valiantly in every role he played and made an enduring impression.

Small Forward (SF)

After leaving the Chicago Bulls at the end of the 1996–98 seasons, Michael Jordan returned in 2001 as a small forward. He represented the Washington Wizards during this period.

Despite a sabbatical and becoming older, it seems like Michael Jordan is still determined to keep playing. Of course, he no longer possesses the physical strength and endurance he did when he was a young man. Thus, he is a perfect fit for the small forward position. But despite being almost 40 years old, in the 2001 and 2002 seasons, he averaged 21 points per game and more rebounds.

For the all-star game in each of those seasons, everyone chose him. After playing for the Wizards for two seasons, he will once more retire. It’s for real this time.

Jordan’s play at the mid-range demonstrated that the coach made the best choice. MJ is a fantastic mid-range shooter already. He has greater leeway to take those shots when playing the small striker position. Considering his age, new position, numerous injuries, and extended absence, his results are excellent.

Final Thoughts

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James are the three basketball greats. His influence on Windy City throughout 15 seasons is indisputable. Nevertheless, we must acknowledge that, throughout his career, Jordan did not switch positions frequently. He established himself as a shooting guard early on, demonstrating his natural talent for the job. His career would also include playing small forward and point guard.

After reading this article, “What positions did Michael Jordan play?” Don’t be afraid to ask, “What position does Michael Jordan play?” Please feel free to respond to Michael Jordan’s position with the information you currently possess. We can watch the related video to find out what position Michael Jordan plays.

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