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What is Vortex Mixer?

Vortex-Genie 2 is really a vortex mixer, or vortexes, is really a fundamental tool broadly utilized in laboratories to combine small liquid vials. It types of an car engine having a vertically aligned axle and linked to a marginally off-center installed bit of gloved rubber. Once the engine works the bit of rubber easily circulates inside a circular motion. Like a test tube or any other fitting jar is pressed (or applied to the edge) in to the rubber cup, pressure is used in the liquid within along with a vortex is created.


Simple and easy , efficient vortex mixer configuration, limited capacity, low energy usage and occasional noise. Biochemistry, genetic manipulation, neuroscience, along with other scientific uses are generally utilized. It’s important to combine dust, dust, solid (rock) with any selected material, the rock is blended inside a high-speed rotating process, and also the mixing speed is quick, consistent and detailed.


The twin-functional vortex mixer Vortex-Genie2 (also referred to as “vortex oscillator”) produced by the U . s . States Science Industries continues to be commonly used being an instrument of the worldwide recognized laboratories because of its benefits of strong operation, sturdiness and consistent output use. Of various test tube / vessel oscillations several modules could be acquired. It’s employed for automated mixing with vortex mixing and trembling mixing functions in several test tubes, beakers, micro-plates, along with other bottles. It’s appropriate to various research criteria. The look, alter the repeatability from the different speed tests, is great.


The mixer valve set up adopts improved plastic molding techniques the dwelling isn’t applied, anti-collision safe from acidity and alkali. The work bench is installed on the put on-resistant foam board. To supply a quick running forum for the project, the instrument combines constant, point vibration, revoltions per minute, flat, bowl and a few other functions.

Approach to vibration and vortex mixing: dynamic speed modulation will blend from low vibration to high velocity vortex. Furthermore, every adapter should match various mixing methods, and also the correct mixing device might be selected as needed.

Versatility: Devices of different types, sizes and fabrics possess a variety of uses, suitable for various test tubes and containers, and could be utilized in mechanical and manual mixing processes.

Mixed automatic and point vibration mode: The automated or mixed point vibration mode could be selected through the three-point option. Automatic procedure for mixing may increase productivity at the office.

POINT VIBRATION MIXING: Set the left change to “Contact” condition, the machine should operate in mixing point vibration mode. Push the exam tube lightly towards the gasket, the host will achieve the significant condition based on the set operating pace, release the exam tube and also the host stop functioning.

AUTOMATIC MIXING: Set the left change to the “ON” mode, the host from the mixer should still operate in the speed level.

Stability: A built-in metal framework with sufficient weight provides a robust working base for particular blends.

Unrivaled reliability: efficiency that’s been tested for quite some time in multinational laboratories.


Order number: SI-0246 (model G560E)

Power input: 230V, 50Hz, .5A

Speed: (revoltions per minute): 600-3200 (model 2700 for 50Hz)

Weight: 4Kg, metal casting component, rubber ft.

Dimensions: 165’122’165 mm

Normal configuration: host single tube mind gasket smooth rubber gasket 3 inches wide


The standard purpose of the current sludge water treatment machine needs the operator to possess a good professional understanding, therefore the contractor should be provided advance instruction around the lengthy-term business procedure preparation, so that the operator’s expertise understanding is anticipated to become high.


Rugged and powerful, our most typical vortex mixer may be the ORIGINAL Vortex-Genie 2. Dynamic speed modulation of rugged metal housing creates intense shifting or mortising. Provided with 3 inch Base and Pop-Off Cup.

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