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What Can Be The Home Remedies To Get Healthy Long Hair?

Having Healthy is everybody’s dream hair is distinguished not only by its elasticity and shine but also by its silkiness and lengthiest.

Silky and soft hair is much talked about in shampoo advertisements, but in reality, we often get not precisely what is promised or even not at all. Awesome care products are released more and more, and they need to be able to understand. But in parallel, you can apply proven “grandmothers recipes”, always available, inexpensive, and safe, which help to make hair silky with regular use. It seems too many people that the silkiness of the hair is inherited, and nothing can be done here.

The factor of heredity is essential, but in most cases, it is possible to make hair silky with the help of ordinary, but caring and regular care. And if you are careless and carelessly, no heredity will help: the rhythm and living conditions are now such that the most resistant hair gets tired of defending itself and eventually losing vitality and beauty.

It looks matter, and hair contributes a lot to a person’s appearance. Therefore, it is vital to provide lots of attention and care for your hair. Personally speaking, you can get up to 1.5–2.5 inches growth per month once it’s in right length by following specific steps:-

Oiling Regularly

Try to give your hair certain nutrients that your body cannot provide, Oils rich in Vitamin E, and some source of protein biotin are essential. I use oil personally as it is perfect, or you can try an ideal substitute. Apply any hair oil of good quality for 5 minutes before bath. Massage well. Let it stay wash it off. It moisturizes the scalp thoroughly.

Try Not To Get It Polluted

Long hair requires your efforts to take care of them, so you have to try to be pollution-free as much as possible, that will be best for your hair health and shampoo regularly. Talking of shampoos, I’ll make it another point as it’s too big to cover here.


Shampoo your hair at least 3 times a week never do it too much like every day as it takes out the natural oils required for hair growth and also increases dandruff and dryness. Make sure your shampoo is Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS free), Parabens, and alcohol-free.

Try using organic Products good shampoos with 0 or next to 0 chemicals. So that for the long term it works really well. Take Shampoo in good amount dilute it by only using 2–3 drops water apply it. You should massage it for 2 minutes. Let it stay for another 2 minutes and then just wash it off properly. It is advisable to shampoo on off days as it is time-consuming.


Many genius people skip it but please don’t be this kind of person. It is necessary to condition after shampoo properly. Because there should be miniaturization done after the removal of the natural oils from the scalp. So just don’t skip this. Take conditioner or mask apply properly let it stay for 3–5 minutes and wash. It is also a condition on the day when you shampoo.


Masks are really good when it comes to hair health and increasing the length as soon as possible. Aloe Vera, Egg mask is really good. Try using homemade if you can’t then purchase chemical-free ones at least. It makes more sense and with the lowest amount of preservatives that you can find.

No Chemical Treatments

A very big mistake that most of people do. It is getting their hair straightened professionally at a salon. And in the long run, it really costs you too badly. Your hair will become thin, hair fall is literally multiplying. And your scalp became much more visible and it stayed for like 6 months only. It took time to recover. You too followed all these steps that really helped you, today you have healthy shoulder-length hair forever.

Stress-Free Life

It is often found out in various tests scientists perform that stress can prove to be a catastrophe for your hair health. Don’t let stress make your mind occupied. Because it affects the overall health the hair Heath is damaged a lot. It can really slow down the process of increasing length just when you feel stressed out. And it is just pressurized to take it out breathe for a moment and say, nothing much has happened I can fix it like I always do it.


You can skip it but then many people think it’s necessary to take supplementation when it comes to changes in the body. So that it keeps the vitamin distribution process balanced. Some people may be against it but it’s a psychological thing until and unless you believe it. And make your mind believe it forcefully. You need something then your body will really require such things, biochemical in your mind work that way only.

Like if you follow the above-mentioned steps properly. Then you might not even need things like supplementation. Supplementation is only required once your food isn’t good enough to provide you nutrients properly. If you still want supplementation then you can try Vitamin E tablets or Pro-Biotin Tablets.


The right food can get you anything ever achieved by any human in the body. Just intake good and try to reduce junk food.

Sleep / Rest

Proper rest and sleep will reduce stress almost but still sleep for good 6–8 hours and relax your body for the day. This will keep the blood circulation perfect. And you will get a good mental health.

So if you want long and silky hair then pay attention to the above-mentioned remedies. You will get dramatic results. And you will get long and silky hair with low cost

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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