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What are the best slots based on movies?

Movies are insanely popular, it makes sense why they would be the basis for so many slot games at wizardslots. Choosing the best movie-based slot is difficult however because there are so many movie-based titles out there.

Movie based slots

Movie-based slots are exactly what the name would suggest, slot games that are based on popular movies. These games often take recognizable aspects of the movies, such as set designs or characters, and place them in the slot. For example, characters from the film can comprise the reel symbols and the setting of the slot game can be the same as a setting from a big scene in the movie. These movie-based slots are often incredibly well-liked by players, as they blend movies with the amazing gameplay of slots. More and more movie-based slot games has been released in recent years, as popular movies are lending their licenses to providers. Players need to be quick with some of these games though as the licenses are not always for a long period of time.

Best movie based slots

With so many movies released every year, there are countless films to draw inspiration on if you are a slot developer. As a result, there are many movie-themed slot games released each year, all of varying quality. The following are some of the best movie-based slot games.

  • Rocky – This slot is based on the eternally popular film series, the reels are adorned with characters from the film and the visuals are evocative of scenes from the movie. This game takes things a little further with its knockout bonus where you will see Rocky fight either Ivan Drago, Clubber Lang or Apollo Creed, with clips from the film series.
  • Dumb and Dumber: Road Trip to Aspen – This slot is based on the cult film which starred Jim Carrey, it was developed by Playzido. It features over five different bonus features for players to enjoy!


Movies have captured the imagination of audiences for decades now. From their early origins to the modern blockbuster, movies have been around for generations. They are the perfect basis for slot game themes, incorporating two insanely popular things. There are several benefits that players will receive if they use a movie-based slot game.

  • Time with Hollywood – The best part about this slot theme is that they offer players the chance to experience the glitz and glamour of their favorite Hollywood movies. These are licensed games, which means that they feature accurate characters and sounds to the movie, making them perfect for capturing the Hollywood atmosphere.
  • Favourite movies – If you are a fan of the movie being used for the slot game, there is no reason why you will dislike these slots. Getting the chance to experience your favorite movies in a brand new way is something that fans will love.

Final Thoughts

With a movie based slot theme, players are certainly not short on choice, there are many slots out there that are based on movies

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