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What Are Some Healthy Habits That Keep Your Skin Looking Younger?

Looking younger is the dream of every girl. So it is not a big deal to look beautiful with flawless and beautiful skin. For this, you have to adopt a few habits that will tend your dull and dry skin to a smooth and bright look. Some tips are very essential that is explaining here. Therefore, if you want to look more beautiful and younger then you should keep these tips forever. Here you can examine each of these as under:

What Causes Premature Aging Of Skin?

  • While there could be other factors, these three features prominently:
  • Lifestyles: dietary choices & unhealthy habits
  • Stress: unreleased stress & strain
  • Environmental conditions: ultraviolet rays, pollution, extreme weather conditions

What Can Ayurveda Do For Anti-Aging Of The Skin?

Ayurveda offers a treasure in skincare and anti-aging herbs and treatments. It has several anti-aging formulations that are natural. In fact, Ayurveda is known to document over 200 herbs, minerals, and fats that maintain and enhances the health and beauty of the skin.

These treatments have multiple benefits such as antioxidant cellular protection. These are also famous for having some anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties.

Here is a list of 7 anti-aging herbs you should include in your diet now to reap their benefits.


Most of people famously know about this herb. Because it has long term effects for its excellent properties and results for glowing hair, skin, and overall health. If you will consume this herb on a regular basis then you will see a good and unbelievable change on your skin’s appearance. Therefore, it will make your skin more glowing, youthful, and improve its quality. It will also help to reduce wrinkles on your face and makes the skin firmer.


People may know it by the name of Giloy. This herb has properties of immense anti-inflammatory. It will work for the reviving of the tissues of your skin, and make it strong to fight inflammation. Moreover, this herb also improves the immune system and promotes mental clarity along with benefitting the skin.


Basil is the top of the list in herbs for giving you a fair look and make you able for fighting visible signs of aging on your skin. It is the new anti-aging superfood that will help you in your fight against wrinkles. The topical application of basil will help you in retaining the moisture on your skin. It will keep your skin hydrated, give a smooth texture to the surface, and reduce roughness.


Turmeric is no less than a magic herb. It has long been known as the herb that can do it all. From treating cuts and bruises to improving the immune system to fighting chronic pains, or making you look and feel younger, turmeric can do it all. The compound curcumin found in turmeric has amazing age-defying properties. Whereas, the compound can fight free radical damage and curb inflammation. It also protects your skin from the damage caused by the harmful sun rays. The herb’s antioxidants also keep diseases far away. The topical application and consumption of this herb both have excellent benefits for an overall healthy body.


Amla or Amalaki is a rich source of antioxidants and Vitamin C. Its anti-aging properties can promote healthy skin by firming it, reducing signs of aging, and make your skin glow. The herb also has visible effects on hair texture, strength, and growth.


Ginseng, a name often heard in the Japanese and Korean beauty products, is a fantastic anti-aging herb. The phytochemicals present in this herb fight aging signs and activate the skin’s metabolism. The herb also fights and protects your skin from free radical damage caused due to sun exposure.


Gotu-kola is another extremely important and effective anti-aging herb. It is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that nourish the skin and enhance collagen production to fight visible signs of aging. The herb also promotes the overall wellbeing of the body.

While these herbs may not do everything to keep you looking younger forever, they will surely keep your cells healthy, and your skin nourished. Therefore, instead of looking for chemical-laden products to fight the process of aging, try these herbs and see what they can do for your skin, hair, and overall health.

Other Useful Remedies

Face wash– Use a face wash twice a day after wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night! Strictly twice a day, not more than that! Buy a face wash that suits your skin type! Face wash helps you to keep your face fresh and clean!

Moisturizer– Your skin needs to be moisturized again and again, so after using a face wash to your face, apply moisturizer, it keeps your skin healthy.

Exfoliator– Use exfoliator twice in a week! Again it should match your skin type and strictly twice or thrice in a week, not more than that! Exfoliator helps to remove dead cells from your skin.

Sunscreen– Buy quality of sunscreen with more SPF or SPF, which suits your locality! Keep it in mind that sunscreen vanishes after 2:30–3 hours so we have to keep applying it after the specified time interval

Water– Drink at least 3–4 liters of water every day! The first liter should be drinking in the morning after wakeup without brushing.

Covering– Cover your face whenever you needed! Such as if you’re going on a bike ride!

  • Try to avoid washing your face more than two times a day, not more than that!
  • Don’t touch your face, also don’t pop any pimple.
  • You can also use essential oils to keep your skin healthy! You get a lot of information about essential oils on the internet.

And last but most important ‘eat ‘healthily! Always junk food! I don’t say that not to eat it. But you have to eat for some limit and after some time! Add the salad to your meal. It affects drastically on your health and also on the skin!

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Abu Bakar
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