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What are licensed slot machines?

You might not see it all the time, but there are actually an awful lot of rules and regulations that go into running a casino online – visit Barbados Bingo. These apply to both the casinos themselves and the people who make the games, the software providers.

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A big part of these regulations is the licensing of the slot machines themselves. Without these, we would have all kinds of problems! Every single slot machine online and in pubs, clubs, and arcades needs to be licensed, so let’s find out more about what that means.

What do slot machine licenses control?

The function of a slot machine license is effectively a seal of approval that verifies the slot machine does everything it says it will. Slot licensees will be checking that the RTP, variance, hit rate, etc. are what they are advertised so that players do not get sold short.

Why license slot machines?

Slot machine licensing is there to protect the people who use them at the end of the day: us, the players. If slot machines were not licensed, there would be a good chance that the people who made them would lie about the stats in a bid to bring people to their game.

Here in the UK, we can be safe in the knowledge that slots are well regulated and that there is no deceit going on.

Which licenses do slot machines need to have?

Online, casinos will need to require a license from the UK Gambling Commission in order to do any business, which includes hosting an online slot machine. In terms of the software provides, the 2005 Gambling Act in the UK requires that all casino software be licensed.

To get a gambling software license, a developer must effectively prove that any of its software abides by the rules. It is quite a complicated legal process, but it is there to protect us, so it is certainly a good thing that it exists.

In a venue, the licensing is a little different, but the same rules still apply. Without a license, a land-based slot machine cannot be built!

The venues that own the slot machines need a license too. In the UK, it costs £330 a year for pubs, arcades and other slot machine venues to obtain a Gaming Machines License. If one of those venues has a slot machine inside, they could be subject to criminal proceedings which could end up meaning a big fine.

Last thoughts on licensed slot machines

Slot machine licenses aren’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world but knowing about them can help to install some confidence into the games we are playing. Whether it’s slots or another casino game such as blackjack or roulette that we are playing, we can be confident that we are not being lied to by the people who are making them.

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