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Warrior Nun Getting Another Season 2 Renewal At Netflix!

Warrior Nun has huge potential with an engaging concept and an interesting cast. The CGI is decent and sections of the plot showed promise. Fans are also surprised by the revelation in the crypt.

A concept that had tremendous potential fell flat just because the plot was not up to mark. The plot was simply stretching because they wanted to lengthen the story.

Beautiful costumes, well-orchestrated fight sequence, even good acting, great color palette but poor writing. Things happened so out of character that it got frustrating. Imagine Nuns who are trained for a lifetime and they suddenly fight among each other over a rather undeserving chosen one.

Netflix Renewed Warrior Nun For Season 2

It is a good to have another season of the nun series again in theatres. The remake news of the series is out in the industry after a month of premiere date. The love and affection for the series from the viewers is the main reason to renew the series.

However, the cast of the series is confirming the news of renewal the series by the Netflix. Here you can also confirm the news on Twitter account.

After years spent bed ridden, she finds herself not being able to trust anyone because of the abusive nun at the orphanage, she trusts no one but a cute guy- because what? There is no clear purpose behind her decision making.

Release Date For Warrior Nun Season 2

However, the upcoming season of the series is at the development stage. The shooting of the series will start soon. It got delayed due to the COVID-19. Because Netflix stopped the shooting of many seasons due to this ongoing pandemic attack.

Therefore, you have to wait more to watch the series on screen. Netflix has not declaring the news of any airing date for the series.

Whereas the rumors hinting that the Nun Season 2 may release at the end of the 2021 or at the start of the 2022.

Cast Details For Warrior Nun Season 2

Here you will get the all details about the cast appearing in the second season.

  • Alba Baptista will act as Ava Silva
  • Lorena Andrea will act as Sister Lilith
  • Sylvia De Fanti will act as Mother Superion
  • Thekla Reuten will act as Jillian Salvius
  • Toya Turner will act as Sister Mary/Shotgun Mary
  • Kristina Tonteri-Young will act as Sister Beatrice
  • Tristan Ulloa will act as Father Vincent


Another big mistake is how in the h this girl knows how to fight or even walk properly. The halo just enhances the ability of a person as said in the second episode.

She hasn’t felt her body neck below for years and suddenly she is a master because of TV? Yeah right.

Also how she escaped from Father Vincent’s church beats me, because he did say that they are merely keeping her in because it is safe. If he knew the power of halo, that sentence makes absolutely no sense.

Let us also remind ourselves that the halo did not chose her, situation did. Like in harry potter wand chooses the wizard, a wrong wand doesn’t work for the wizard and causes havoc.

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