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Two Driveway Repair Solutions- Mudjacking Vs. Polyjacking

Your driveaway experiences a good amount of heavyweight traffic like wagons, cars, and other vehicles. Therefore, it’s no wonder that you start noticing cracks and gaps on the floor. A sinking concrete slab is a red signal, which requires you to get foundation repair services in Lafayette.

Many homeowners think that a cracked driveway means spending a lot of money on replacement. It’s not always the case. A few cracks and gaps don’t signal you for expensive replacement. You can save your money and get help from foundation repair experts. They can offer you the best solutions. 

Two Common Solutions for Driveway Repair

Here are two standard fixes for repairing cracked driveway. 

What is Mudjacking ?

 People who can’t afford the expensive repair usually fall for an inexpensive and quick option known as mudjacking. In this method, a slurry of mud and concrete is injected under the sinking concrete slab. The purpose of this pump is to lift the slab and provide its utmost support.

What is Polyjacking ?

Another option that costs you more than mudjacking is known as poly jacking. In this method, high-density polyurethane foam is filled in the cracks. This injection aims to raise the concrete slab and smooth the drive away as it was before. 

Mudjacking Vs. Polyjacking

Before you decide about any solution for foundation repair in the driveaway, you must understand the main difference between foundation repair solutions.

Cost: If you are tight on budget and need a quick solution. It is available in the form of mudjacking. Polyjacking is an expensive solution, and it requires some time for proper setting. 

Weight: You should consider mudjacking a bandaid that will offer a temporary solution. After a few years, you need to face the same problem again. It’s because your concrete slab is sinking due to unstable soil. When you use a concrete mixture, it will increase stress on soil that’s already compromised. Over time this added weight to soil will do more harm than good, and you need to seek a replacement.

When you choose the best foundation repair services in West Lafayette, they prefer polyurethane foam. This material is better than concrete as it doesn’t add extra weight to your soil. You don’t have to start seeking a driveway fix again.

Waterproof: Material used in mud jacking isn’t waterproof. Therefore, it is prone to erosion, breakdown and shrinkage. Concrete is a porous material. Water can pass easily through it. Besides, you can’t fill every void on your driveaway with mudjacking, as the nature of this material is different from polyurethane.

On the flip side, polyurethane is an excellent material. It shows excellent water resistance. No matter what the weather situation, it will withstand it.

Time: If you need a quick solution, then polyjacking suits your needs. This material takes less time to cure, and experts can install it quickly. Contrary to this, mudjacking is a time-consuming process, and concrete needs more time for curing.

Now you know the main difference between both solutions. After checking this comparative analysis, you can easily pick a solution that works for your needs.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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