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“The Witcher” Season 2: First Look Confirming Henry Cavill Has All the Muscles!

Henry Cavill is a famous character who is born to play the role of Geralt. He is of my main concern characters who have a beautiful voice.

However, the first look of Geralt of Rivia in “The Witcher Season 2” makes the fans more anxious about the story.

The comparison in this series is beautifully done. The scenes are with Geralt fighting enemies with the camera panning him from the back. It seems like that the cinematography is at its finest. Moreover, it includes explicit kill scenes, the very gory, all are attaching into the dark fantasy world in one industry.

The sword fights in these series are all seemed realistic and natural, along with the powerful but not overpowered magic (btw they got the magic special effects spot-on).

The Witcher: Plot

Finally, it is one of the shows strongest factors in writing. The storytelling throughout is masterfully done.

Fans are now going to go cry themselves to sleep because season 2 isn’t going to release until 2021.


Talking about the writing, the narrative of the show has stayed extremely close to its source material with no major changes except for the inclusion of some new characters.

However, the show could have worked without and some characters being introduced fairly early on in the serial than they have appeared in the books.

The showrunners and writers with the intention of keeping up with the suspense factor. Till the end of the show, they went too far with the complex timeline situation.

Instead of turning out to be a positive note ended up creating an overlapping chronology issue only to be cleared after you’ve spent more than 5 hours watching the show.

It is not only this, the dialogue writing suffered as well for the most part of the runtime of the show.

Moreover, check the official images for the Witcher Season 2 below.

And we are expecting more images in this running week too. So get that all stay tunes with us on the same platform.


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