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The Flash Season 6: Episode 17: Liberation “Barry to Find Out About Mirror Lady”

The Flash Season 6 Episode 17 entitled “Liberation” will premier on April 28, 2020. In this episode, we will see how Barry will find out about Mirror Lady, and the fact that the real Iris is in actual entrapped in inside the mirror.

Liberation- Iris to Get Free From Mirror World?

As the title of the sixteenth episode of the Flash Season 6 suggests, in this episode, we will witness Barry rescuing Iris and the rest.

If you are following Flash Season 6 then you must be aware of the breathtaking revelations made in it. One such revelation is that Singh is also entrapped inside the mirror, and the one in the CCPD is none other than Eva’s duplicate. So, now, we all are looking forward to seeing whether Joe will be able to catch duplicate Singh or not.

On the other hand, about Eva’s duplicate in Iris’ disguise, Barry will soon find out about her. He’ll start sensing something’s off about her just as Wally sensed. It will be heart-wrenching for Barry to find out the truth about Iris. It seems like Eva’s duplicate as Iris will put Barry and the team in bad.

In the promo of the 16th episode, we hear Barry saying that something happened to Iris and Iris’ duplicate questioning Barry how could he do this with her, she’s his wife and in turn, Barry replies, she is not his wife. Moreover, we heard Barry saying that Real Iris is out there somewhere. Consequently, Iris’ duplicate finally revealed herself by saying that fine, you see who really I am.

So, in the sixteenth episode of The Flash Season 6, we will see Barry finding out the truth about Iris, and trying his best to get her back.

Meanwhile all this, we will witness what Sue has set in cards for Ralph this time. Is she really in trouble or again manipulating Ralph for her gain?

Keep watching The Flash Season 6 for more superhero spice!

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