HomeThe Eternals Release Date and All Other Updates of the Characters

The Eternals Release Date and All Other Updates of the Characters

Marvel is creating more and more and expanding their universe. Yes! The good news is that there is another new project which is a live-action movie in cinemas and will hit the screen next year. We are providing all the latest news regarding the movie so, let’s discuss it.

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People want to know what are Eternals; here is the detail. These are superhumans and created by alien experiment after millions of years. They have a resemblance to humans and have powers like super strength, flight, teleportation, shapeshifting, energy projection, and mind control.

Eternals lie in space colonies and protect the earth from threats. There is an influence of greek, norman, and Norse mythology. Comics created many Eternals, but the movie focuses on two Ikaros and Sersi.

What Will be The story of the Eternals?

The movie focuses on a large group of titular immortals that dwells throughout history. A leaked photo shows an era of Babylon 800 B.C., and another one shows Game of Thrones fame where Kit Harington plays the role of an archaeologist Dane Whitman. He also finds the proof about the existence of the Eternals.

Gemma Chan will play the role of Eternal Sersi, who enacts the love interest of Whitman. This unorganized love raises the central conflict in the story and plays an important part. The president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige told that the Eternals resonated with the ancient vibes.

In April 2018, many screenwriters arranged the meeting to discuss the story of female eternal Sersi. She was recognized as Eternals in the comics, and she enjoys among humans despite the immense power. Well, she establishes her in New York and starts work as a party planner.

Who Will in the Cast Members?

The casting of the Eternals has announced in July at Marvel’s SDCC event. In the cast stars, Angelina Jolie as “Thena,” Salma Hayek as “Ajax,” Richard Madden as “Ikaris,” Lauren Ridloff as “Makkari,” Kumial Nanjiani as “Kingo,” Brian Tyree Henry as “Phaistos” and Don Lee as “Gilgamesh” are included.

Release Date of the Eternals

the good news is that the official date has announced. Yes! The movie will air on 12th February 2021.

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