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Teaser Reveals: PUBG Mobile to Get ‘Mysterious Jungle’ Mode on June 1!

PUBG Mobile is adding a replacement mode on 1st June famous in fans as “Mysterious Jungle.” The working team struggling behind the highly popular battle royal game teased the arrival of the new model on social media through a twitter post of Wednesday 2020.  But it does not explain any further details about the real battle.

PUBG Mobile brought a Royale Pass Season 13 showing two Cartoon Rangers at the start of this month. These rangers named Fire Ranger and Ice Ranger.

This fighting battle mobile game also added the Miramar map through the version 0.18.0 update that was released before the outcome of Royale Pass Season 13 in this year.

The tweet teasing about this Mystic Jungle mode on PUBG Mobile. It includes a picture that shows two players watching a map of Sanhok. It means that gamers would receive some new treasure hunts through the original mode. However, it would be exclusive to the Sanhok map.

PUBG Mobile teased the debut of the Mysterious Jungle mode at the time of releasing Royale Pass Season 13. It had been at that point called the Jungle Adventure mode that was designed to bring totems to grant blessings to the players or give them some in-game supplies.

You’ll also expect hot air balloons to let players survey the battlefield. Recalling the last major update that PUBG Mobile players provided was the version of the 0.18.0 release. It upgrades the Miramar map with the new features like landscape, roads, housing areas, and resources.

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This update also Cheer Park as a standard replacement area to permit up to twenty players to interact during a real-time.

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