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Who Sings the Sunday Night Football?

If you watch the TV show Sunday Night Football every week, you probably already know who Carrie Underwood is. As of September the 13th, 2020, she has been a performer of the opening song, “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night,” for a total of eight seasons.

Over the past few years, the music of Carrie Underwood has consistently given the impression that it is an essential component of this event. On September 12, 2020, she made her return for the ninth season of her show. Are you familiar with the artist that sings “Sunday Night Football”?

Carrie Underwood’s ‘Sunday Night Football’ Opener

Sunday Night Football

Carrie Underwood does not have to serve as the sole host for the opening of “Sunday Night Football” on NBC Sports.

The show, which is consistently one of the most-watched programs on television throughout the year, intends to achieve a new level of relevance during this season by featuring Carrie Underwood in an opening segment that will include scenes from each week’s host city as well as action from the stadium.

Fans have seen the legendary singer performing the song “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” for a number of years now. NBC has high expectations that devoting a video team to record the excitement surrounding the game on the day that it is played would give the proceedings a lift and get spectators more involved in the action.

“This season, with stadiums full again, we wanted to get that sense of reality, optimism, and energy – and the more authentic connection that comes with that,” says Tripp Dixon, who has served as the creative director for the show open for each of the past ten years. “This season,” he adds, “with stadiums full again, we wanted to get that sense of reality, optimism, and energy.”

According to a statement released by Underwood, “Performing the concert open for Sunday Night Football for the last ten years has been such an incredible thrill and honor for me.” “The day we film the new open is certain to be a lot of fun since our incredible creative team always finds a way to outdo them,” said the producer. The performance for this year was captured live from The Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas, where she performs her residency known as “Reflection.”

1. Who sings the Sunday Night Football theme song?

Since its premiere on NBC in September 2013, the theme song for Sunday Night Football (SNF)has been performed by Carrie Underwood. In addition to that, the following individuals are also members of the SNF choir:

  • Pink (2006)
  • Faith Hill (2007 -2012)
  • Joan Jett (2019)

Waiting All Day for Sunday Night is widely considered to be the band’s most well-known song. The goal of the song is to instil a sense of competitive drive in both of the competing teams. This song is very significant to the plot.

Pink (2006)

Pink is an alias that Alecia Beth Moore goes under. She is a composer from the United States who rose to prominence in the year 2000 with the album “Can’t Take Me Home.” The first time she was going to record the song was going to be for the SNF song.

FAITH HILL (2007 -2012)

She is well-known in the United States as an actress, as well as a performer of country music and for her work as a vocalist for Sunday Night Football. Considered by many people all over the world that is to be the most renowned country vocalist in the whole history of the country music genre. Over forty million copies of her records have been sold all over the globe.

Carrie Underwood (2013 – Now)

She has become particularly well-known as a country singer and songwriter because of her job as a performer for NFL Sunday Night Football. After triumphing on the fifth season of American Idol in 2005, this country music legend shot to the top of the charts. A new video features her, in which she gives an outstanding performance. Since she initially performed here eight years ago, this event has been repeated eight times.

She has continued to sing for the commencement of this show up to this very moment. The affable singer who performs during NFL Sunday night games will be back for the ninth season.

Joan Jett (2019)

It was Joan Jett, lead vocalist of The Blackhearts, who became known as the queen of rock and roll during her time with the band. Her song “I Hate Myself for Loving You” is widely considered to be one of her greatest works.

Joan Jett and a country singer who sings songs about Sunday night football responded to an invitation from Carrie to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Football League by writing a fantastic Sunday Night Football song, which is something that has never happened before in history of this program.

2. About Sunday Night Football

If you are interested in sports, you have most likely heard of this show before. Additionally, it is the name of a weekly television show that NBC produces that features games from the National Football League (NFL).

Sunday Night Football on NBC is the most-watched and most-anticipated show on television every weekend, and it features coverage of National Football League games.

Fans of sports from all around the globe look forward to seeing this show every week, which is produced and directed by Fred Gaudelli. In the United States, the official broadcast was done by NBC.

This show, along with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, was televised on August 6, 2006, throughout the country.

3. History of Sunday Night Football Theme Song

Sunday Night Football

In addition to the answer to the question “Who sings the NFL song?”, we will also offer you the history of the song that is used for this show via the information that is provided below.

2006 – The First Year

Pink is the artist that will be providing the opening song for the Sunday Night Football broadcasts this season. The original song “I Hate Myself for Loving You” was reworked into this rendition of the song. Her performance was broadcast on a monitor similar to the one that NBC had rented at the time to display content in Times Square.

2007- The Beginning of Faith

It might be said that she is the one who now plays Pink. A few of the song’s words have been altered very little, and the overall tone of the song has taken on more of a country music flavor.


The first episode of this season was broadcast on September 7. She danced to the opening song and produced a memorable moment for the audience. She was surrounded by TV displays that displayed simulated action games.


In 2009, Faith resumed her position in an independent studio.


She gave the opening performance while standing next to a convertible Ford Mustang. This time, the filming took place in the Hollywood Hills of California in the United States.

Because the game was played on Tuesday instead of the typical Monday during Week 16, the introduction had to be postponed momentarily.


During this season, there were several new elements included, such as performing next to a motorbike.

2012 – last Year of Faith Hill

Alterations were made to the start of the event for the year 2012. Whenever she was about to play with a rock band in front of people, she would often go through the tunnel and up to the stage. Additionally, this is the last year that she will be taking part in this program.

2013 – First Year of Underwood

Carrie Underwood Faith has been removed from this discussion by NFL. She designed and performed in a computer-generated stadium before the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams.

The song will no longer be played during any of the playoff games that are broadcast on NBC starting this season.


The gorgeous singer from Sunday night football performs her part on a stage that was produced by a computer.


The NFL singer appeared on a computer-generated stage once again for her return show on September 13th, which marked the third year of her comeback.


On September 11 of its fourth season, Underwood gave a performance of “Oh, Sunday Night,” which took the place of “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.”


On September 10th, Underwood made her triumphant comeback to her role wearing a ravishing scarlet outfit.


On September 9th, Underwood’s song was included once again during the broadcast of the new Sunday night football. Despite this, she replaced “Game On” with a fantastic performance that she termed “Oh Sunday Night” and gave at the beginning of the show.


Who sings Sunday night football 2019?

With her performance as the vocalist for Sunday night football in 2019, Carrie Underwood’s return was really remarkable. She collaborated with Joan Jett to sing the theme song for the first season of NBC’s Sunday Night Football.


The widespread impacts of the coronavirus epidemic prevented her from recording a new song for Sunday Night Football during her eighth attempt at a return.


On September 12th, 2020, her song was performed.

4. Great combination of Jett and Underwood in NBC’s Sunday Night Football Opening Song

Sunday Night Football

NFL In 2019, Carrie Underwood and Joan Jett collaborated to perform the theme song for the television program Sunday Night Football. They started out with a performance of “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.”

Both of these lovely football singers have brought the performance to a whole new level by enlisting the assistance of Jett’s very own squads. This is such a wonderful combo that will please a lot of different folks.

Joan Jett and Underwood have shared the stage before, so this is not the first time they have done so. During the 2019 CMA Festival that was broadcast on ABC, Joan Jett and Carrie Underwood first crossed paths on stage. This meeting took place one month before the wedding. They had a discussion that was full of fascinating topics.

It’s interesting to note that Underwood was the one who suggested they ask Joan Jett to join them on stage for the performance since she had the notion to invite her. She pitched the concept to the higher-ups in the company in an effort to make it a reality.


There is no doubt the fact that the songs play a significant part in this performance, which helps to make the whole experience far more intriguing and entertaining. The Sunday Night Football female singers that were listed above all performed an excellent job in their respective positions. This holds true regardless of who sings the SNF song. In future seasons, we will still be able to hear Carrie Underwood’s distinctive singing voice.

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