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Stefon Diggs is grateful for time in Buffalo despite ‘ups and downs,’ ‘happy’ to be in Houston

Stefon Diggs played it straight in his first interview after being dealt from Buffalo to Houston

He expressed thanks for his stint with the Bills, during which he caught 445 receptions for 5,372 yards and 37 touchdowns and became a regular Pro Bowler. He thanked Josh Allen for his efforts in their collaboration. And gradually, he described where everything went wrong.

“He was an intricate piece of my career,” Diggs said on Tuesday of Allen, the Bills’ two-time Pro Bowl quarterback. “At the time I left Minnesota, I was a decent player. But I’ve always felt more for myself. I believed I was better than that and that I had the potential to be better. And, up until that moment, I was just like, “S—.”I’m going to roll the dice and gamble on myself.

“When I moved to Buffalo, Josh was and still is my man. People don’t fully comprehend what it’s like to be outside. He welcomed me. He had some Southern hospitality. We spent a lot of time together, and I probably wouldn’t be here without him. I have a lot of feelings for that kid, so hug him and kiss me.”

Diggs developed in Buffalo, where he eclipsed his totals from five years in Minnesota in only four seasons. Diggs’ departure, however, had been anticipated for some time. He voiced his disappointment and irritation with Buffalo’s repeated failures to cap off deep playoff runs with Super Bowl participation, and during mandatory minicamp in 2023, a momentary absence produced an internal problem, forcing Allen to speak to his colleague.

Still, the production was worth the theatrics, as was Diggs’ $104 million over four years. When it was no longer true, like when Joe Brady replaced Ken Dorsey as offensive coordinator during the 2023 season and Diggs’ use declined considerably, it was time to trade him.

The receiver said that he expected to separate ways sometime in 2023.

“We had some ups and downs, particularly after the first eight games. We had a coaching change, and things were moving in various directions, with different systems,” Diggs said. “You understand the ups and downs. But, for me, you could feel it in the air. When I was traded, I was overjoyed. I was in a nice place. As I stated, I asked God to illuminate my way, and here I am. “So he makes no mistakes.”

Houston not only acquired Diggs via a trade but also terminated his old contract and signed him to a new one-year contract, allowing Diggs to earn another paycheck in 2025 if he performs well in 2024.

“What I’ve seen is a guy who I thought we would get,” Texans coach DeMeco Ryans said of Diggs on Tuesday. “A guy who makes plays and always comes down with the ball when we toss it to him. He is a sure-handed person. A fantastic teammate with a tremendous spirit around the facility and in the locker room with the players. So I’m interested in watching how he develops.”

Quarterback C.J. Stroud lit up the league in his debut season, capturing offensive debut of the year by a landslide and earning some fringe consideration for NFL Most Valuable Player. He did so with Nico Collins, Robert Woods, Dalton Schultz, and fellow rookie Tank Dell. The addition of Diggs to that group was enormous.

If Stroud continues where he left off last season in 2024, the new relationship should bring significant results for both sides.

“He’s been settling in well. Stroud described Diggs as having come in with his head down and simply working. “He’s been quite helpful to me. I’m proud of him for stepping in as a leader. He’s been quite selfless and wants to watch other men eat. That was his major priority: he wanted to be among other dogs. He took on the position where there’s a dog everywhere. He desired that, and that’s what we bring to the table.

Diggs has been lucky to run routes for not one, but two dog-like quarterbacks in his career: Allen and Stroud. As Houston piles on talent around Stroud, the Texans should seek to run out of space in the kennel. Order dry food and bones in quantity. For Texans, 2024 is the time to eat.

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