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SEO Guide to Detect and Get rid of Duplicate images to boost rankings

Do you want to know complete details about how to detect duplicate images? Or How can we get rid of it? If you don’t know the basics then this short post will help you out! Read this post to know more about How to Detect Duplicate Images?

What are Duplicate Images?

A duplicate image is content that occurs on the web in more than one place. One place is known as the original where the image was firstly uploaded, and the other one is the place that has stolen your content. So, in short, any image that appears on more than one website tells you that you have got duplicate content.
Well, this duplication may prove bad for everyone as it can impact search engine rankings. 

Always remember! Google algorithms have become super smart that they can figure out when and by whom the content was stolen. But to determine, that’s why it becomes important to detect and get rid of duplicate content immediately.

Why does the Duplication of images prove Harmful?

Can Google and other search engines detect duplicate images? Even if they are uncovered in different places, and have unique names? Of course, they can! Search engines don’t know which versions to include/exclude from their lists that’s why they penalize those websites that contain duplicate images and other content. Even they don’t know whether to authorize the link metrics to one page or to keep it segregated between numerous versions. Also, they are not known to think about which version to rank for query conclusions. 

Search engines just take decisions on the behalf of How to Detect Duplicate Images? Once duplication occurs you will be blacklisted from Google pages and other search engines. Search engines cannot afford irrelevancy. This means they always prove the best and accurate results. Thus, they duly check, which version is unique and relevant to the user’s interest. This is why we need to get rid of duplicate images and other content.

How to Detect Duplicate Images?

The simplest and most logical method to detect duplicate images is to use reverse image search software. Reverse Image Search or RIS is an advanced technique of search engines that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and multi-lightening technologies to detect duplication in visual elements. This modern technique scans all across the web and displays accurate results.

Let’s see which tools are involved in the top list and how they work:

1. Duplichecker — Reverse Photo Lookup

Reverse Image Search by Duplichecker is an excellent and most popular tool available online. This tool is superb and free to use. It works with Google images and uses current algorithms to facilitate quality results. The working of this tool is quite simple. All you have to do is follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, Open Google and access this tool.
  • After opening the tool, right there you will see an input box where you have to add some data.
  • This wonderful place will give you three main choices including, search by an image, discover keywords directly, or search by URLs (Image Links).
  • After entering the data, you just have to click on the Blue Search Button.
  • In a matter of minutes, a bunch of various types of images will be displayed in front of you. So, what do you think the method is quite easy, Right?

2. Small SEO Tools

It is another speedy program that stands second on our list! Reverse image search by Small SEO Tools is a great way to add perfection to your work. This tool not only detects duplicate images, but also provides complete details about the website name that contains the same content, and time data. Like Duplichecker Small SEO Tools is also quite easy to use that lets you do photo search 100% cost-free. Besides, this image finder can run only by drag and drops option which means the complete package of convenience. All you need to stay focused on, access, upload, and click. Simple!

Easy ways to get rid of duplicate images

Getting rid of duplicate content from your own site is feasible, and it also saves time and effort to boost your rankings and to make your website search-engine friendly. But, eliminating duplicate content from other websites that use your original images is a time-consuming process. There exist only two effective ways including, just send a polite and friendly email that asks them to remove your stuff. Or ask them to mention your name and site link to give you proper credit. This is how you can remove duplicate content.


You have to understand that duplicate images, and other contents can ruin your work and efforts. That’s why it is necessary to destroy duplicated parts by just doing a little detecting and removing. Moreover, we have also mentioned some of the best tools that will help you in How to Detect Duplicate Images? So, don’t worry about being penalized! Boost your ranking now by getting rid of duplication!

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.


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