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Resident Evil 8: More Freedom and Player Experimentation than Resident Evil 7!

Capcom has revealed a load of the latest information about the upcoming Resident Evil 8 at the Tokyo giveaway 2020 Online.

Firstly, there was a series of latest gameplay snippets of Resident Evil 8 debuted. We got a glance at the protagonist Ethan Winters combing through the grand houses and hallways of the mysterious village. However, with the developed staff commenting that there are tons more freedom and player experimentation in Resident Evil 8 compared to 7.

Capcom made this game much different from other resident evil games we know, and I think it’s a good and refreshing change. It changes the traditional over the shoulder 3rd person perspective to an in your face first-person view, making every encounter even scarier as it immerses you into this dark and creepy household of the Baker family.

This game’s antagonists stray away from what we know about resident evil by giving us these 4 prominent antagonist family.

The enemies you come across in this game can seem linear and repetitive. Especially the molded you continually meet above the second half of the game. The air is not the best as most of the enemies can’t run.

And most of the time, it can be easily glitch but anyways. The Baker family is a nice breath of fresh air from the traditional antagonists from other resident evil games. They focus on more gruesomely creepy actions instead of the mighty overlord feel.

The graphics, aesthetic, and visuals on resident evil are stunning as you can see every vein in Ethans (Protagonist) hands as you push the door, the scars on your fingers after a fight. And even the individual is ants on corpses.

The gameplay on the game is where it needs improvement. As the movement in the game feels grave no matter the settings.

And the gunplay feels a bit clunky, which can be troublesome in close quarters combat, which you often get. This game has undoubtedly placed its spot as one of the favorites.


Additionally, the event staff present at Tokyo giveaway 2020 Online commented that Resident Evil 8 might come to current-gen consoles in any case. Right now, the sequel is merely confirmed for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and therefore, the PC.

However, Capcom revealing that they’re considering the sport for the PS4 and Xbox One. They, unfortunately, can’t guarantee anything immediately.

Elsewhere, Capcom showed off an equivalent Resident Evil 8 trailer that we have seen before. You will see many foes that sure appear as if werewolves. Capcom commented can overwhelm the player once they work together.

Finally, the Resident Evil 8 section of the Capcom TGS panel rounded out by saying that there would be plenty more information shared about the Resident Evil 8 soon.

We’ll tell you later about the release date for Resident Evil 8. It may immediately is merely expecting to launch sometimes in 2021.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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