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Raptors Make Bold Trade for Celtics’ Malcolm Brogdon

In order to compete in the NBA, each team must have a strong roster. They may opt to make a trade if they have an excess of players in one position but a shortage in another. If they lose a key player, they could look for a replacement.

The Toronto Raptors have a roster with a lot of ups and downs. This team has incredible depth in the frontcourt. As a result, they now have a shallow backcourt. This is especially true today because we have lost forward Fred VanVleet, a free agent who has joined the Houston Rockets. The Raptors have a protection issue.

On the other side, the 2023-24 Boston Celtics roster is rather well-rounded. Grant Williams, though, left the Utah Jazz for the Dallas Mavericks this summer. The Celtics may choose to find a replacement for him. Can this be achieved by sending Malcolm Brogdon to the Raptors?

This Is Our Trade Offer

We need to change our direction. Every NBA team will eventually need to attain roster parity. After all, not every club in the league pursues the same objectives. Some want rapid success, while others have longer-term objectives.

Even organizations in the middle of a rebuild must consider roster balance. When beginning again, teams seek to replenish their talent stocks as soon as feasible. They may not pass up on another fantastic young point guard just because they already have one. Okay, I understand. Regardless, these teams should be prepared to make a decision between two talented young point guards at some point.

Where do the Raptors want to go this season? In all honesty, I don’t know. Many fans anticipated a dramatic makeover of the team. That seems to be a smart decision. However, Damian Lillard has recently been linked to the Raptors. Is Brogdon an alternative they could agree on?

Why The Toronto Raptors Do The Deal

Well, Brogdon won’t have anything like the price tag that Lillard had. The Raptors are essentially getting him for cheap. Brogdon has a history of injuries, and rumors have circulated about his strained relationship with the Celtics.

Who can say whether such reports are true or not? But even if there are, the Raptors may gain from it. Brogdon is the most valuable player here. He’s a reliable two-way guard when he’s feeling well. Brogdon is a versatile player who can create for himself and others, create space, and defend the basket. He’s an acceptable substitute for VanVleet in various roles.

Once again, the Raptors’ plans for this season remain unknown. But they have an excuse for keeping the same group of returning players. Sure, the 2022–23 season wasn’t the best. The 2023–24 season holds hope for them due to a new head coach and Scottie Barnes’ potential third-year improvement. Do the Celtics need to trade him?

Why Boston Seals the Deal with Their Celtics

Recent reports have indicated that Jayson Tatum will start as a point guard for the Boston Celtics this season. That’s logical. Since entering the NBA, Tatum has developed greatly as a playmaker. Is Brogdon now a disposable resource?

We may not go to such lengths. Even said, dealing with Tatum becomes less of a hassle if he is destined to be a main playmaker. Moving Brogdon might free up playing time for the rookie guard Payton Pritchard, who is currently waiting in the wings for the Celtics. Boston should not release Brogdon in order to save money. It would be important for the Celtics to get quality bench players in exchange for him.

They would be located here. Boucher is a valuable defensive asset as a weak-side shot blocker and a great floor-spacing offensive option. Even though he’s getting older, Young is still a valuable contributor on defense on the offensive end. Each of these men would provide Boston’s frontcourt additional depth and help them strike a better balance.

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Abu Bakar
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