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PDFBear: Benefits of Converting to PDF

Many people question the quality and value of the portable document format or PDF. PDFs are one of the best innovations ever made in the means of computer file designs.  Although there had been a lot of helpful programs, each with its primary purposes, the PDF has been standing out against the rest when it comes to convenience. 

PDFs are believed to last up to more decades, or even to the next century, because of its well-developed design. It has made a significant breakthrough by overcoming computer programmers and corporate users’ dilemma: slow and inconvenient file sharing. With PDF’s less-modifiable and easier to share and print format, the world has become a faster place. 

Free PDF Converter Tool

The closest format you can compare to PDF is Word. In the Word program, you can make compositions from scratch and attach various graphics, graphs, and images. Its sole purpose is to compose a full document with the proper indention, spacing, spelling, and grammar. To avoid errors in transmitting data through Word, converting it to PDF is the solution.  

The steps in achieving quality conversion without compromising the quality of your file are pretty simple. For example, this is how you convert Word to PDF: Browse your file, then drag it to the PDFBear free converter tool. Click convert, and then after a few moments, the conversion will be finished immediately. 

Download the converted file, and you now have your PDF! PDFBear can also convert numerous file formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, HTML, etc. With PDFbear’s versatility, you can go the other way around and convert your PDF to these file formats. Thus, editing can now be possible again. PDFBear is the best and most appropriate tool for such needs. 

The main benefits you gain in converting your files to PDF is that it becomes compact, less editable, and more convenient for printing. You can avoid unnecessary file edits from different hosts once converted to this format. Sharing through webmail with limitations can be addressed by converting your usual files to PDF. 

How to Manage Large PDF Files

Although PDFs are compact by nature, there are instances wherein your PDFs can be filled with dozens of high-quality images, resulting in oversized files. PDFBear can manage those problems with its compress and split function. If you have the same problem as mentioned earlier, utilizing PDFBear’s compress function is the key. 

Compressing reduces the size of your file without immensely affecting its quality. On the other hand, splitting is when you have too many pages in one PDF. The split function allows you to separate your pages and save them to different locations. Individualizing your pages can make you re-organize your PDF. 

Safe and Secure

PDFBear has a sophisticated 100% guaranteed safe security system wherein you can be confident in keeping your files’ privacy and confidentiality. Aside from its feature where you can protect your PDFs with complicated passwords, it also has an effective systematic flow to keep your uploaded files safe and secure. 

Although PDFs are naturally more secure files than others, this additional security function of PDFBear makes it more inaccessible to unwanted users. Uploading files online are tricky, but you do not need to worry with the secure SSL connection of PDFBear. 


The modern digital era allows us to exercise our minds fully without exhausting us physically. Even in the computer generation, we can still be productive and make a proper, legitimate living without the risk of long-distance travel. We can work at home and be able to feed our families. Utilizing our technology correctly is the only way to succeed these days. 

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.


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