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Oktoberfest 2020 Parties at Home in USA

We know you were as excited as us about this year’s Oktoberfest as we were. Looking forward to all the music, the fun rides, all that beer and so much more to keep you entertained through an entire week. Based on the recent developments, the Oktoberfest 2020 now stands cancelled on account of the corona virus pandemic that had taken the world by storm in December 2019.

The bad news is, it is not going to take place in Munich, Germany in 2020 anymore – The silver lining, you can still make it one memorable Oktoberfest that you enjoy to your fullest without too must expense of travel and accommodation.

For official details https://www.oktoberfest.de/en/magazine/oktoberfest-news/2020/oktoberfest-2020-will-be-cancelled

Oktoberfest, cancelled?

How can they possibly cancel this ages old traditional gala? It is a celebration of the German culture, its heritage that dates back to historic times.

Well, you may be surprised, but this isn’t the first year it has had to be cancelled, this time too, for a valid and a rational reason.

History is a testimony to this festival being called off several times. In 1854, for instance, the cholera epidemic that took away lives of more than 3000 persons, the Oktoberfest festivities had to be wrapped up before they could even take off.  In 1870 again, the Franco- Prussian war, according to the sources, had it cancelled. The world wars, hyperinflation years, all such contingencies had resulted in this festival being cancelled multiple times.

So you see, the cancellation of the grand gala Oktoberfest in 2020 is not as unusual an occurrence as it may sound.

If you have been reading about COVID-19, we’re sure you know how this virus spreads. In a gathering as huge as the Munich version, there is an even greater risk of the virus spreading further. Imagine, at least 6 million Wiesn enthusiasts from all over the world, gathered at this historic place – one symptomless corona positive attendee and there you go, the mob of millions at the risk of contracting the ailment!

Better safe than sorry!

So no more major German celebrations this year?

Have you ever wondered why Oktoberfest was ever started in 1810? Of course to celebrate Prince Ludwig’s marriage with Princess Therese, but why did they decide to take the celebrations to the public? Did you know the initially, the Wiesn had one major attraction, a horse race? It only eventually grew to be so grand and full of activities, food, music and beer.

We have a belief, that this tradition took off in order to engage all Germans, from all classes at a single platform to collectively enjoy all that was so loved by every German national. Even if that wasn’t the case, it does seem now. About 6 million people gathered at the same spot every year to consume millions of gallons of beer, roasted meat, sausages, good music; all in celebration of the German togetherness. Other non-German nationals join for the exciting fun too.

So when you sit back with that sad face to over think the event not happening this year, think again. There may not be a huge gathering, carousels or swings this year. But you could still enjoy the spirit of Oktoberfest at home, with your loved ones.

An Indoor Oktoberfest 2020

Here’s a few things to let you start that prep.

Dress up

This is probably one of the most exciting parts of the entire indoor celebrations. Mustn’t miss that Trachten you have been planning to wear this season. Dress handsomely with in your Lederhosen or Bundhosen, accompany your lady into the homely fest with her clad in a beautiful Drindl dress, all ready to set the mood. Something missing, build up a similar dress for children in the house to.

Go a step ahead, let your kids role play as the Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese. Ah, what better way to make learning history this interesting.

And if you’re still searching for that reliable store that has authentic Lederhosen for sale in genuine leather and most classy designs along with a variety of Drindl dresses and the accessories to pair them with, check out the collection at Lederhosen store.


We live in such wonderful times when miniatures of almost every life-size item can be purchased or better still, prepared at home with a DIY technique. Use you garden to set up mock carousels, tents, imitation stalls, use the garden swings for rides, play that folk music to enjoy too.

Never thought you could live these moments in with your children to accompany you too, all for free? Well, almost free, without that expenditure on tickets and the accommodation.

The Bavarian feast

What is Oktoberfest without roast meat, Bavarian meat loaf served with potato salad, sausages, pretzels and of course, the beer. Maybe this year the Oktoberfest beer consumption would run in lesser than a liter, but there is no doubting you can still enjoy it at the table set with a hearty truly Bavarian meal.

For extra pleasure, top it all off with a great dessert like an apply crumble and ice cream, never fails.

Don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic take down your spirits. Celebrate it with same zeal and enthusiasm, this time at our homes, with just our own families. Stay home, stay safe.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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