Money Heist: Will There Be a Season 5? Here Are all Details Regarding It


I think Money Heist is no need of any kind of introduction. One of the most famous Netlfix series that finished its fourth season this year, Fans are overwhelmed but have few questions in mind. At this time, the series did not renew yet, but maybe it will occur later on. Jesus Colmenar also uncovers that ” there will be the fifth part.”

The creator of this thriller series Alex Pina said that there are plans of season 5. Fans are expecting the fifth season because some cliffhangers definitely will resolve in the next season.

What Are We Expecting In The Money Heist Season 5?

In the next season, the heist would compete in Spain’s bank that we were expecting in the fourth season. There are a large number of secrets that will set in the fifth show. The group will escape from Spain’s bank with all the gold in the upcoming season.

But the major question is how the gang will escape?

According to some fans, they will escape by joining the crowd of protestors. The second big scene that fans are thinking, it is about the connection between Alicia Sierra and Berlin.

Everyone is saying berlin is the spouse of Sierra, and Berlin is suffering from the disease. On the other side, Alicia revealed that her German partner died with cancer. As we saw in the previous season, police give the warrant against Alicia Sierra.

Moreover, we saw that she started looking through the professor, and she succeeds. Now fans are saying the professor will join the gang to complete the heist.

Gandia plays a major role in season 5 because he killed the individual from the group Nairobi by shooting her in the head. The professor will play a vital role in the gateway of the group from the Bank of Spain.

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