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Mandy Rose says ‘yes’ To The Team Name Suggested By WWE Superstar After Her Alliance With Otis

After what must have seemed like an eternity to Otis, he finally had a chance to take on Dolph Ziggler inside the square circle on WrestleMania 36 night 2. The Heavy Machinery member had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time and was hell-bent on demand revenge against Ziggler for taking Mandy Rose away.

After a tough round-trip fight, Otis successfully hit the caterpillar on Ziggler after Mandy hit the latter with a low blow. After the game, Otis celebrated with Mandy, in what appears to be the culmination of this intriguing love triangle story.

Shortly after the game ended, Tucker went to Twitter and apologized to Mandy for questioning his intentions. He also thanked him for getting Otis back when he couldn’t. Tucker ended the tweet by suggesting a name for the new alliance: “Golden Machinery.”

Mandy Rose quickly responded to Tucker and forgave him for questioning her. She praised him for being a true friend of Otis and approved of the new team name that Tucker suggested. Check out the tweets below:

The angle began several weeks ago on SmackDown on FOX, with Otis doing his best to woo Mandy to join him. Finally, Mandy began to show interest in Otis, and she set a date for Valentine’s Day.

When Otis arrived at the restaurant, he saw Mandy sitting with Dolph Ziggler, breaking her heart in the process.

Otis then started a fight with Ziggler. He recently showed a completely different and scary side when Ziggler showed him a bunch of photos he took with Mandy.

Otis destroyed The Miz and John Morrison while a terrified Ziggler watched from the ramp. In the latest edition of SmackDown on FOX, it was revealed that Sonya Deville was the one who sent Otis the text messages that ultimately resulted in Mandy meeting with Ziggler.
Tonight, before helping Otis defeat Ziggler, Mandy Rose made sure to slap her former best friend at ringside. It seems that Mandy’s friendship with Sonya has finally come to an end after the events that happened on the second night of WrestleMania.

The duo were together for the entirety of their career on the main roster. A breakup was sparked on the way to WrestleMania 35 last year when the two women cost each other against then-Women’s Champion Asuka. But nothing came of it.

Only time will tell if Mandy forgives Deville or continues her new romantic partner.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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