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LeBron James’ son narrows down the list of colleges as he seeks candidates for Bronny James

It looks like the long and complicated process of Bronny James’s recruitment is slowly coming to a close. The Los Angeles Times says that Bronny James, the oldest son of Lakers star LeBron James and a top-40 prospect for the class of 2023, has narrowed his list of possible colleges down to three: Ohio State, USC, and Oregon. Bronny is a member of the 2023 class. According to the story, the younger James is expected to make a decision about his future plans after his senior year at Sierra Canyon High School.

The recruiting of James has been the focus of a great deal of attention and conjecture in college basketball circles for a number of months, but the specifics of his decision have remained somewhat of a secret both publicly and privately.

There has been very little to no indication as to which school he may be leaning toward attending, despite the fact that he has a massive amount of followers on social media and is famous for being the son of the top player on the NBA’s most popular team.

In the autumn of 2016, just after one recruiting source claimed that Oregon was in the position to be the frontrunner, Ohio State was able to secure a visit with James. Shortly after that, USC joined the picture to push for his commitment. Ohio State had a visit with James. If he decided to remain in the area, the Trojans would have a significant edge over the rest of the competition.

However, the other two schools in the running are also Nike schools with significant resources, and each of them has something special to offer. For example, LeBron’s dream school is Ohio State University, which also happens to be located in his home state of Ohio. And Oregon was the alma mater of Phil Knight, the creator of Nike. This is significant since Bronny Knight has already signed a non-exclusive agreement with Nike to keep him in the family with his father.

Because it is difficult to disentangle his father’s brilliance from the expectations that are placed on his son without engaging in any kind of projection, Bronny’s potential as a player has, for a considerable amount of time, been shrouded in mystery. However, at 6-foot-4, he has gone up to No. 34 overall in the 2023 prospect rankings at 247Sports. This surge has been propelled by his unselfish play, high IQ, improved shooting, and an outstanding 2022 summer in addition to an equally amazing high school season.

As he focused in on college as his next option, his growth as a player and prospect has thrust him into the mix as a possible draught candidate for the year 2024. His development over the last few months has made him an attractive target for teams, and as he zeroed in on college as his next option, he became an attractive target for teams.

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Abu Bakar
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