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Keto Diet: What is Ketogenic Diet? Should We Try this high fat diet?

When we talk about the weight-loss diets, then the keto diet comes in our mind. It considers the highly effective because of the large portion of protein. There are so many others like Atkins, South Beach, and the Paleo diet, but keto is the most talked and used diet for weight loss. Let’s here discuss what is the ketogenic diet, and should we try this high-fat diet?

What is Ketogenic Diet?

A keto plan is a high-fat diet with a low amount of carb diet. We get 90% calories from fat. Basically, the keto diet was originated to treat epileptic seizures in children. But after that, it is also used to reduce the weight and got the immediate result. Some studies suggest that it has short term results and not safe for long term results.

How Does Keto Work?

The purpose of the keto diet is to force the body to use different fuel. In this diet, you rely on ketone bodies instead of carbohydrates sugar called glucose. Ketone bodies are fuel types that the liver produces and store as fat in the body.

Getting the liver to make ketone bodies is a little bit tricky because, In this diet, you deprive yourself of carbs like 20-50 grams per day. You must be conscious of the carbohydrates amount because a medium banana also has 27 grams of carbs. It takes a few days to reach the state of ketosis, and eating a large amount of protein can interfere with ketosis.

Keto diet is all about the high-fat diet, and we take maximum fat in each meal. On a daily basis, we take a 2000 calorie diet that means we consume 165 grams of fat, 75 grams of protein, and 40 grams of carbs. However, it all depends on consumer demands.

Some healthy unsaturated fats are also consumed in the keto diet, such as almonds, nuts, seeds, walnuts, avocados, and olive oil. Meanwhile, in saturated fats, oils, lard, butter, and cocoa butter are included in high amounts. Protein is a part of a keto diet in which lean meat and high protein saturated fat such as pork, beef, and bacon are included.
Fruits are rich sources of carbohydrates, and green leafy vegetables are restricted in which broccoli, Brussels, sprouts bell peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms, cucumber, and many other included.

Keto Risks

The ketogenic diet has many risks duet to high saturated fat content. Therefore, consumers should not take saturated fat more than 7% because it links with heart disease. Due to the high intake of saturated fat, the LDL level can increase.
Some potential keto risks are mentioned here.
Liver problems
due to too much fat metabolization, the diet makes the condition worse.
Nutrient Deficiency
Due to not eating too many vegetables and fruits, micronutrient deficiency risks develops, such as lack of selenium, magnesium, Vitamin B, and C.
Keto has low-level pf fibrous foods like grains and legumes.
Kidney Problems
kidney helps to metabolize protein, and 46grams of protein is recommended in keto for women and 56 grams for men.

Create Confusion

Glucose is our main energy source, and lack of carbs can create confusion and irritability.

Botton Line

Keto is basically the diet for epileptic patients; however, some use for weight loss. You must be careful when you try this because it has some risks mentioned above.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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