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Julian Edelman stated that Tom Brady’s appearance during his retirement ceremony “got my juices flowing” (exclusive)

In an Exclusive statement, Julian Edelman said that the sight of Tom Brady running on the field during his retirement ceremony evoked a strong sense of excitement and motivation inside him.

The three-time Super Bowl-winning Patriots stars got back together with other retired players for a funny NFL Kickoff ad campaign.

Julian Edelman, a former Super Bowl MVP, said that he and Tom Brady’s recent reunion felt “just like old times.” Brady and Edelman played together for the New England Patriots.

Although he won three Super Bowls with Tom Brady, the former Patriot finally hung up his cleats in 2021 and retired. On Sunday, the team paid respect to Brady by holding a memorial service. Edelman, who is 37 years old, shared his thoughts with PEOPLE over the halftime celebration held for his former colleague. “It was awesome,” he said.

Edelman adds, “I thought he had a killer speech, got my juices boiling a little when he ran out and gave the LFG.” “I thought he had a killer speech,”

All three of Brady’s children—Jack, 16, Benjamin, 13, and Vivian, 10—were present at the tribute, and Edelman described it as “really special.”

Julian Edelman stated that Tom Brady's appearance during his retirement ceremony

Edelman adds, stating his opinion, that “he just thought that it was an awesome day for him and for New England.” Tom has put in a lot of time out there, so you could say that it’s like a second home for him. It was amazing that everyone was there for it,” says Edelman. “He can’t speak for himself but can imagine all of his family, his mom and dad, coming there for 20 years.

According to Edelman, he and Brady had not collaborated for a few years, since Brady relocated to Florida. However, their recent reunion for the advertisement was reminiscent of their previous collaborations.

Edelman adds, that collaborating with Brady once again was an enjoyable experience. He draws a parallel between engaging in pre-shoot conversations and rehearsing lines with Brady and the moments they spent preparing and conversing in the locker room before NFL games.

Edelman shares the experience of reminiscing, catching up, and collaborating once again was quite enjoyable.

Edelman explains that his enjoyment of retirement stems from the increased opportunity to engage in familial interactions, with a particular emphasis on his daughter, Lily-Rose.

One of the most advantageous aspects is the increased opportunity for familial proximity, particularly with regard to my daughter. The individual expresses the opportunity to engage in experiences that have been absent for a significant duration, such as engaging in various activities throughout the month of September, attending familial birthday celebrations, retrieving one’s daughter from school, and interacting with extended family members, including cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Conversely, Edelman believes that there truly are some aspects of the NFL lifestyle that he undeniably longs for in his post-professional career. The individual asserts that the “Retirement” ad clip accurately reflects our experiences on the shoot.

The NFL season is full of ups and downs, struggles, and moments of joy, and you miss spending time with your friends and family, adds Edelman.

The individual who was previously awarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title in the Super Bowl expresses a sense of longing for the experience of achieving victory in games as a participant in the league. I had the privilege and good fortune to participate in an organization with individuals who have exceptional talent, resulting in a significant number of victories in the realm of football. I am experiencing a sense of longing for that particular thing.

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