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Johnny Manziel says he attempted suicide after Browns release

Johnny Manziel claims in a new documentary that he made an attempt on his own life after being released by the Cleveland Browns in 2016.

According to various sources, the winner of the Heisman Trophy in 2012 said in the documentary “Untold: Johnny Football” that after the 2015 season, he started taking OxyContin and cocaine on a regular basis. At the time, his weight had plummeted from 215 pounds in January to 175 pounds in September.

In January 2016, Manziel was accused of punching and threatening his then-girlfriend, which resulted in his being charged with a minor charge of assault. His legal team was able to negotiate a deal with the government authorities to get the case dropped in exchange for certain restrictions.

According to sources, Manziel said in the documentary that he was eventually diagnosed with bipolar illness, that he refused to attend treatment, and that he started self-sabotaging, going on a “$5 million bender” before trying to take his life. Manziel’s comments were made in reference to his alleged suicide attempt.

Manziel claimed in the documentary, “I had planned to do everything I wanted to do at that point in my life, spend as much money as I possibly could, and then my plan was to take my life.” This quote is based on what Manziel said in the documentary. “I wanted to get as bad as it is humanly possible to get to the point where it made sense,” she said, “and it made it seem like an excuse and an out for me.”

Manziel said that he had acquired a pistol “months earlier” with the intention of using it to carry out the act of suicide that he had planned, but when he pressed the trigger, the firearm failed to work properly.

“I still, to this very day, have no idea what took place. According to a number of different sources, he is heard saying “But the gun just clicked on me” in the documentary.

The unwillingness of Manziel to seek therapy contributed to the burden that was placed on his relationships with his family. Following the failed attempt at taking his own life, he relocated his family to Texas and moved out of Los Angeles.

His father, Paul Manziel, is quoted in the documentary as saying, “It’s been a long, long road, and I don’t know if it’s been great or if it’s been bad — However, we are fortunate. And he has not abandoned us completely. And we are still able to fix all of the fences. I have a feeling that Johnny is going to have a lot more success than he has had up to this point.

After an outstanding career at Texas A&M, Manziel was selected by the Browns in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Johnny Manziel net worth

The quarterback for the American football team is valued at an estimated $7 million. Johnny Manziel is a professional American football player. Former quarterback Johnny Manziel is a highly accomplished sportsman who has reached the pinnacle of his profession. He is well-known for his extensive playing experience across many leagues and organizations. Johnny Manziel has played in the NFL, and the CFL, and is presently participating in Fan Controlled Football.

Johnny’s love for football began at an early age. His name was also linked to baseball, although he never actively pursued that field. Johnny received several medals and honors in high school and university, which helped him much. He entered the NFL with the Cleveland Browns after being picked in 2014. Johnny quickly ascended to the position of the┬ábest quarterback in football, and his talents allowed him to be a dangerous dual threat on the field. Since the year 2021, Johnny Manziel has been a member of the FCF Zappers.

What is johnny manziel doing now?

Johnny Manziel, who was formerly a famous player in the NFL, focuses most of his time and energy these days on his business endeavors. Manziel’s career in the National Football League (NFL) came to an end after he won the Heisman Trophy in 2012 and was picked by the Cleveland Browns in 2014. Today, he is the proprietor of a bar known as “Johnny Manziel’s Money Bar” and is also involved in other business endeavors.

After quitting the National Football League, what does Johnny Manziel do now? He is an entrepreneur with interests in bars and apparel, and Johnny Manziel’s Money Bar is a shining example of his commercial savvy. The pub is well known for being a popular hangout area due to its location close to Texas A&M University. It’s more than a nightclub venture; it’s a symbol of Johnny Manziel’s move from football to business, and it serves a range of cuisine and beverages.

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