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How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

Without a doubt, weighted blankets are a great comfort to most people. These blankets give luxury to people suffering from anxiety and sensory disturbances. Besides, keeping these blankets clean and fresh is most suitable for maximum comfort. Providing good care of your blanket will let you keep relishing the comfort your blanket gives. The essential part of taking care of your blanket is understanding what material it gets made of and washing it according to the material needs. After talking to washing machine experts, we have compiled some steps that may teach you; how to wash weighted blankets quickly at home. So, read on!

Step 1: Preparing a Blanket for Washing

It is time to take essential measures to cleanse the blanket without hurting its fibers. Your weighted blanket might have special instructions for treating it. Labels on it or instructions may tell you if there are any precautions for your particular brand. If it does have it, you have to make sure to follow all of them:

  • Also, you have to check the material of your blanket. Mild machine washes in cold water get advised. But this can vary depending on the stuff of your blanket and its level of sterility.
  • Some weighted blankets have a detachable outer layer. If yours holds that, you can wash it separately. This layer will work like a duvet sheet embracing the inner part and get easily removed.

Step 2: Wash the Removable Outer Layer

You have to remove the outer layer. Your weighted blanket may have an exterior sheet to shield the interior body. It will keep the blanket closed in a zipper or row of snaps. Open up these and carefully uncover the outer layer from the weighted blanket.

Now, put the layer in the laundry machine. Utilize a light detergent with cool water.

how to wash a weighted blanket

  • Utilize a tiny amount of liquid detergent. It usually goes toward the middle slot of the detergent tapper on the ahead loader. Evade bleaching agents or whitening factors.
  • All in all, depending on its volume or depth, the cover may require to be washed by itself. Besides, you could also cleanse it with a few sheets to keep the machine balanced.
  • If your weighted blankets will wash for the first time, try to cleanse them separately in a cold, moderate machine with 1 cup of salt to lock the colors.

Step 3: Machine Washing a Weighted Blanket

After washing the outer layer, you have to rinse the inner body. But before, know what it is made of, after that, also check its size. Once you do so, it is time to place your blanket in a suitably sized washer. 

  • Choose either cold or warm water series varying on the fabric material. Pick the light wash setting, either a moderate or gentle machine setting. 
  • Now, add a gentle detergent liquid or powder that does not contain any bleach or whitening factors.
  • You can also handwash your weighted blanket using a bath tab and following the same procedure.

So, that’s how you can wash your weighted blanket quickly and efficiently without disturbing its fabrics.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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