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How to Store Onions | Life Hacks!

Onions are part and parcel of lots of scrumptious recipes. It is indeed the most versatile ingredient which adds charm to the dishes. It comes in a variety of sizes and adds a specific texture and aroma to the meal. Restaurants most often use large quantities of onion. They buy these in bulk and use a variety of dishes. It is important to store these properly so that they remain fresh and do not spoil soon. When it gets rotten, it becomes smelly and damp from the inside, making it highly unfit for cooking purposes. Let’s learn How to store onions!

Best Ways to Store Onion

Storage of Peeled and Sliced Onions

Most often, people take the assistance of a fridge for storing onion, especially when it gets peeled. These can have a shelf life of about ten to fourteen days in the fridge; and However, it is best to refrigerate them in case of the cut or sliced onions. These can retain their originality for a duration of about seven to ten days when refrigerated. When you are about to store the cut or sliced onions in the refrigerator, then ensure to pack them first in the airtight container. The airtight container or resealable bag avoids spreading the onion smell throughout the refrigerator and prevents the entry of moisture inside the container. 

Storage of Whole Onion

When you purchase the onion from the market, then you must look at the cool place of the home for storing these. The room selected for it must be well-ventilated. The dark and dry place works best for storing the onions. However, the ideal locations for storage of whole onions include a garage, basement, cellar, or pantry. You can take out the onion from there when required. The unpeeled onions have more shelf life than the peeled ones. Avoid storing it in hot places. Else it would become rotten soon. This is one of the best way in How to store onions.

Storage of Cooked Onions

The cooked onions prove to be a fabulous blessing. These make cooking much easier, which saves time and energy quite amazingly. The proper storage of the cooked onions is necessary so that these could be used easily when required. When there is a family feast or sudden arrival of the guests at home, then cooked onion proves to be the most life-saving one. You can cook onions and make packets of these which you can store in your home for longer. The best method to store the cooked onions is to place them in the fridge or freezer. These can be stored with ease in the fridge for a duration of about three to five days. However, in the case of the freezer, the cooked onions can retain their freshness for a duration of up to three months.

Storage of Spring Onion

Leeks and spring onions can be stored in the jar. Place the jar on the counter and add a little amount of water into it. Now, leave the leeks and spring onions in it. These can stay fresh in it for about two days. However, if you want to store these for longer such as for up to a week, then the storage method would differ. Store these for longer by wrapping them up properly and securely in the damp paper towel. Now, place it in the fridge’s crisper drawer and use it when required. 

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