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How to Give Your Next Big Event a Touch of Hollywood Glitz

Hollywood glamor and glitz are things that are recognizable on sight.  Not only does Hollywood conjure an image of class to most people, but it also creates an awesome opportunity for those who want to make an event based on the idea.

These are some of the best ways to dive into this theme and create an event that takes the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and kicks it up a notch!

Dress Up the Decor and Add Glamor

If you’re hosting an event that’s supposed to have some Hollywood glamor to it, it’s a good idea that you put in the time to get a venue that pushes this theme further.  Rent out a large forum that’s visually stunning and classy, and go for minimal decor.  Although you may think you have to spend a ton on decor, less is more if you can roll out a red carpet.

Require a Dress Code for Entry

Although it can feel silly to require a dress code, it’s the best way to ensure your event feels high class.  Make sure to have clear instructions on what is and isn’t okay to wear, offering terms like black tie and possibly linking a guide to what is and isn’t acceptable.

Fashion is different from person to person, so requesting that all women wear dresses is overreaching, but ensure that guests understand that you want them to dress like they’re going to a high-value party.

The dress code will allow your event to feel more like a red carpet event, and people will have fun getting to dress up for the night.

Hire Some Almost-Celebrities to Crash the Party

Hiring famous impersonators is one of the best ways to stun your guests!  Not only do they give you the chance to create some incredible photo opportunities, but they’ll also entertain your guests and add a touch of whimsy to your event.

Theme your celebrity impersonators around whatever type of event you’re throwing!  If you’re going Old Hollywood, you can go for classic Marilyn Monroe impersonators, but if it’s modern Hollywood, look for professionals who can put on an act of a modern famous person.

Add High-Class and Fun Food and Drinks

Your menu should continue the theme of glitz and glamor!  Create a menu that offers foods that are fun and interesting while also feeling high class.  Shop around for caterers in your area who can pull off a high-class event that might have a fun twist in some of their menu items.

Although this can feel like a lot to ask for, throwing an event that’s supposed to have Hollywood star power, and serving boxed pizza, isn’t a good combination.  You can still have fun but lean into the theme.

If your party will have alcohol, create a drink menu based on celebrity names and movies!  This touch of kitsch is just enough to be fun and charming.

Your Party Can Be Dazzling

Although throwing a party is a lot of work, it’s not hard to give it a touch of glitz and glamor.  Consider trying some of the above options, and your guests will be wowed by your event from the moment they arrive!

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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