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How To Check BSNL Data Balance?

The advancement of technology brought lots of exciting features and fun for the people. One of the most beneficial and stunning innovations of technology is the internet. It is massively popular throughout the world, and people of all ages are crazy about it. Most often, 3G and 4G internet are being used. But, there does also exist 5G internet. Let’s learn How To Check BSNL Data Balance!

Craze of Internet 

The high-speed internet is the ideal one. People like to enjoy the uninterrupted supply of the internet. Hence, they can easily watch movies, funny videos, tutorials, and much more on their smartphone. All the phone communication networks offer the flexibility of internet packages. When you activate the data balance, then you can enjoy the internet facility. The more use of data would be, the more balance it would automatically consume. 

Method to Check BSNL Data Balance

Method 1

The method to check the BSNL data balance is quite easy. Take the phone in your hand and now open up the phone’s messaging app on it. Now, type the message in it “BAL” and send it to the number 121. After doing so, wait for a moment; you will instantly get the reply on your smartphone. This reply will comprise the data balance details. Besides the data balance details, you will get to know various other details about the subscription and validity period. 

Method 2 

There are multiple ways to check BSNL data balance. In this method, you can take the assistance of the phone’s calling app. Take the smartphone in your hand and then dial the code #123#. Now, tap on the button to call. Wait for a bit, and you will receive the message on your smartphone regarding the BSNL balance information within the least possible time. 

Method 3

There is another alternating code that you can use to determine the BSNL data balance. Open the calling app, and then on the dial pad, type the code *124*1#. Now, get the text message about the BSNL data balance on your smartphone. 

Method 4

One of the most significant and worthy methods to determine BSNL data balance is the use of the BSNL app. Android users can easily get this app on their smartphone from Google Play Store. Go to Google Play Store and type the BSNL app. Now tap at the Install button and wait for a moment to get the app icon on your smartphone screen. 

When the download gets completed then tap at the bottom of the BSNL app and track the information that you want to know. Track the BSNL data balance within the wink of an eye. Similarly, get to know about the other details of the subscription with ease on the app. It is entirely free to use.


It is much better to have a clear concept about the BSNL data balance so that you can use it the way you like. Rather than being confused, make a request at the right platform and get the query satisfied within seconds. As there are enormous different ways to check BSNL data balance, you can choose the most suitable and easy one at your convenience. 

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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