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How to Change The Name In PUBG?

PUBG is one of the highly played and popular games which have made people crazy. PUBG players struggle hard to win the levels and to excel in the game. They are very passionate about winning and learn a variety of new tricks and techniques while playing the game. They play it with their friends and beat them to score more and more. Let’s learn How to change the name in PUBG!

The craze of PUBG Game

PUBG is well known for its fabulous collection of weapons. There are about 40 amazing weapons in the game, and the most popular of these include explosives, pistols, snipers, shotguns, submachine guns, and assault rifles. In the PUBG name, the user sets the name with which he plays the game. The user name for PUBG can be changed when required. If you want to change your player name, then you do not need to panic at all. PUBG offers the flexibility to change their username. 

Method to Change PUBG Name

Changing the PUBG name is not rocket science. Change the name as per your choice and feel yourself a warrior. Make a selection for the name and then reset it quite quickly. This fabulous and easy method works for both iOS and Android users. Let us view these simple and quick steps:

Open the Game

The first step for changing the PUBG name is to open up the game. After opening up the PUBG game, the user has to move to the home screen.

Open Inventory

When you head to the home screen, then navigate the inventory from there. Tap it to open it up. At the end of the inventory, there is a coupon section. Rush towards this section and tap at the Crate icon.

Rename Card 

The next step includes renaming. Choose the Rename Card by tapping at it and then tap at Use. Now comes the main step, which is resetting the new name. Enter the selected name in it that you want to be your next PUBG name. Now tap at the button of OK. 

How to get Rename Card

PUBG users can easily gift the rename card to others. You can gift it to your friends quite easily. Similarly, they can give it to you as well. If you want to avail of the renaming card, then you have to gain some crew points for it. Gain the points through playing the game. If the user does not have the Rename Card, then the changing of name is not possible. 

Exciting and Creative Username

It is important to remember that the PUBG user can change his name in the game one time per day. If the game player has mistakenly entered the wrong name, then wait for the next day to change it. It is not possible for the game player to change the name multiple times in a single day. Hence, one must tap the OK button after entering the new username with correct spellings. 

The joy of playing the game maximizes when you have the desired username in the game. It becomes fun to add a unique name to the game. The users choose any random name initially when they install the game, but as the interest develops in the game, they want to reset the more creative name. Hence, when you feel like adding any creative name to the game, then you can follow these certain steps to relish the new and exciting name.

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Abu Bakar
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