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How many games does an NBA team play per season?

It takes a lot of time and effort to put out an NBA schedule. Planners must take into account not only how good or poor teams are from year to year but also the conference and division. As a result, teams may face each other frequently (or infrequently). In the section below, I’ll go through it.

How many games does an NBA team play per season?

The NBA is the ultimate objective for basketball players from all over the world who want to make it big in the sport. Nonetheless, any player’s season is long and hectic, with matches sometimes occurring on consecutive days and extensive travel across the United States and Canada, not an easy job.

What is the breakdown of the schedule?

Before we get into the deep holes, we need to answer the primary question: how many Number games in the NBA season? That may appear straightforward, but it isn’t as clear as many believe. The procedure follows a precise formula.

The NBA’s usual rule is that a team must play 30 conference games, 16 division games, and 36 games outside of the division. The 82 NBA season total games they play each year are made up of this.

First, interdivisional games, or games inside the division, are played four times a year, with each division opponent facing each other four times (2 times at home and two times on the road).

The NBA’s previous season had been cut short due to the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing the League to reconvene in the bubble city of Orlando. That seems like an eternity ago. Let’s look at how many games will be played throughout the regular season this year.

Due to the short turnaround last season, the League trimmed the schedule to 72 games instead of 82 to bring the regular-season calendar back on track. The NBA Finals in 2021 ended on July 20, followed by the NBA Draft on July 29. After then, the free agency began, and the offseason resumed a more typical routine.

When does the NBA season start?

When does the NBA season start

The NBA season starts on October 19, and the All-Star Game will occur on February 18-20, 2022. The regular season ends on April 10, and the playoffs begin on April 16, following the play-in tournament. The NBA Finals conclude on June 19, and the NBA Draft will take place on June 23.

Here are the Key Dates for the upcoming season 2022

Date Team
April 2 NBA G League Regular Season ends
April 5 NBA G League Playoffs begin
April 10 Regular Season ends
April 11 Rosters set for NBA Playoffs 2022 (3 p.m. ET)
April 12-15 NBA Play-In Tournament
April 12-15 Play-In Tournament
April 16 NBA Playoffs 2022 begin
April 24 NBA Early Entry Eligibility Deadline (11:59 p.m. ET)
May 2-3 Conference Semifinals begin (possible move up to April 30/May 1)
May 16-22 NBA Draft Combine (Chicago)
May 17 NBA Draft Lottery 2022 presented by State Farm
May 17-18 Conference Finals begin (possible move up to May 15-16)
June 2 NBA Finals 2022 Game 1
June 5 NBA Finals 2022 Game 2
June 8 NBA Finals 2022 Game 3
June 10 NBA Finals 2022 Game 4
June 13 NBA Finals 2022 Game 5 (If necessary)
June 13 NBA Draft Early Entry Entrant Withdrawal Deadline (5 p.m. ET)
June 16 NBA Finals 2022 Game 6 (If necessary)
June 19 NBA Finals 2022 Game 7 (If necessary)
June 19 The Finals 2022 latest possible date
June 23 NBA Draft 2022 presented by State Farm

The Number of Games in NBA Season


This season is viewed as a series of practice games for the clubs. That is when players aim to get in shape and prepare for the upcoming season. As a result, teams have a chance to show off their skills and re-evaluate their game approach. Each team will play eight preseason games.

Regular Season

In the NBA regular season, how many games are Players in one NBA Season?

During the regular season, each NBA team plays 1230 games.

Why is an NBA season made up of 82 games? How long is an NBA Season?

Each team plays 82 games throughout the regular season. They play 41 games at home and the remaining 41 games on the road. Each team must play each other at least once in the NBA schedule.

A single unit will play its division’s opponents four times per year (4 X 4=16 games). Then they’ll play six teams from the conference’s other two divisions four times (6 X 4=24 rounds). After that, they play three times with the other four clubs in their forum (4 X 3=12 games). Finally, they face all of the teams from the other conferences twice (15 X 2=30 rounds).

Post Season

The regular season takes a break in February to honor the annual NBA All-Star game. There are two teams formed; a 12-player squad makes up each team. Fans cast their ballots.

Captains are chosen from each conference’s top vote-getters.

After the regular season, the League’s best players compete in the All-Star game. It’s an array of the League’s top talent. This is done to re-establish its public profile.

The fans choose the starting lineup, and the coaches select the reserves. A trade also takes place immediately after the All-Star break.

So, the regular season has come to an end. During this time, voting for individual awards and honorary, league-wide, and post-season teams begins.


In April, the playoffs begin. The top eight teams in each conference compete for the Larry O’Brien Championship Title, regardless of divisional alignment. The playoffs are held in a tournament format here. Teams are seeded in the precise order of their regular-season record. The top seed will face the eighth seed, the second seed will face the seventh seed, the third seed will face the sixth seed, and the fourth seed will face the fifth seed.

A best-of-seven series is played between each side. One team advances to the next round, while the other is knocked out. As a result, we have four clubs in one League. They are competing in the semifinals before the final. As a result, four becomes two. The last two teams determine the winner of the conference.

Season’s End

Is There Ever a Change in the NBA Schedule?

The last round of the playoffs is likewise a best-of-seven series between the conference champions. The NBA Finals are a well-known example of this. It usually takes place in June. If two teams reach the finals, they can play 110 games.

Yes. While the present format has been largely unchanged for decades, the NBA schedule has undergone a few changes during its history. During the 1980s, the League eliminated excessive dead time between games to speed up the season’s pace.

Final Thoughts

Basketball is a sport whose goal is to create a level playing field. The schedules for most teams in the League must be extremely similar, if not identical. How many games does an NBA team play per season? That is why each of the 82 games is broken down in a particular manner.

Knowing who plays for your team and why they play they do will help you better understand the League. You’ll be able to plan out games throughout a season and better predict who your opponents will be.

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