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How A Liver Transplant Can Be Your Life Savior

The liver is the largest organ in the human body. It is a vital organ that performs numerous functions such as detoxification, protein and enzyme synthesis, and the production of chemicals that help digest food. It helps in making bile, a liquid that helps dissolve fat and eliminate metabolic waste and toxins via the intestine.

Therefore, in cases of liver failure, a transplant is the only option. There are several Max centers for liver transplant in Delhi that can help you with the same.

What is a liver transplant?

A liver transplant, also known as hepatic transplant, is a procedure where the patient’s diseased liver that does not function properly is replaced with a whole or partial liver from another healthy donor. This operation is usually done for people who have extreme complications due to end-stage chronic liver disease or, in rare cases, where the healthy liver suddenly fails.

Usually, the number of people who are in line for a liver transplant exceeds the number of deceased people giving their liver. Therefore, a living donor liver transplant is another option. This type of operation is done only when the donor’s blood type is a good match. It is usually a family member or someone related. Liver transplants in Delhi is done in several hospitals and centers.  

Is a liver transplant necessary?

A liver transplant is considered only for those people who are in the end stage of the chronic liver disease that may be caused by several reasons. The most common ones include excessive alcohol consumption, Hepatitis B and C, and genetic disorders that affect the liver. Therefore, it can be said that this transplant is taken into consideration when it is the only option that can prolong the life of the patient. It is essential to understand that if a patient has other medical complications that are likely to interfere with a transplant, he/she may not be considered an eligible candidate for it.

Benefits of A Liver Transplant:

It is obvious that there are several complications involved in liver transplant surgery. Blocked bile ducts or leakage of bile, seizures, infection at the site of surgery, etc. are a few of the common complications. Rejection of the donated liver is another immediate complication as the body may consider it as ‘foreign’ and attack in self-defense. However, knowing all this, a liver transplant has its benefits and is the only way at times. Numerous centers perform liver transplant in Delhi, and you can choose the one you think is reliable after talking to the transplant team, reviewing the insurance benefit, etc.

The recipients receive a portion of the healthy donor’s liver because of which they usually have a quick recovery and improved long-term outcomes.

Another advantage is that the donor’s liver will then grow back to its standard size after a few weeks, approximately six to eight weeks.

Therefore, a liver transplant is the last resort for most people and can be a lifesaver for them if the operation is successful without any complications.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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