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Hair transplant myths busted!

Enriching one’s look and improving one’s personality has been made simpler with cosmetic surgery. One such cosmetic procedure that benefits a lot of people and is also one of the most popular in the world is a hair transplant. Hair Loss is a traumatic experience to both men and women. It can be a confidence-breaker and make one look at least a decade older.

Despite the fact that hair transplant treatment has been around for years, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the procedure. In times of ‘fake news’, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction, so we are here to help you unpick the truths around hair transplant surgery.

Myth #1: Hair Transplant gives an instant ‘Head Full of Hair’

Today, most of the patients expect miracle or instant results. Unfortunately, if that person is you, hair transplant treatments are not meant for you! In the event that you hope to awaken the following day with your hair reestablished to its previous greatness, you will be disillusioned – truth be told, a ton of the recently transplanted hair will really drop out in the initial scarcely any weeks. The fact is that the transplanted hair usually falls off within three to four weeks but the roots of the hair won’t stop growing. These hair roots would enter the growth phase at around six-eight weeks and would start appearing on the scalp then. This is a totally ordinary piece of the hair cycle and it will develop back. It can take as long as a year for the full outcomes to appear – persistence is righteousness here!

Myth #2 –Hair Transplant looks fake

There’s still somewhat of a misguided judgment out there that hair transplants are as yet like the hair plugs that were offered until the mid-90s, noted for their unnatural packed up appearance and the giveaway roundabout scars that would frequently be left on the rear of the head. The procedure has come a long, long way since those days – but still, in the wrong hands, a hairline may be placed unnaturally and without taking into account future hair loss. These days, if you are under the consideration of a gifted and experienced specialist, significantly different experts won’t have the option to differentiate between your unique and transplanted hair.

Myth #3 – Hair transplant is just for men

Although a lot of our hair transplant patients are males, we at Musk Clinic do get plenty of enquiries from women who are suffering from hair loss and wish to undergo a hair transplant. Around 40 per cent of women experience hair loss during their lifetime, although in many cases this is physiological or temporary – for example, due to pregnancy, lactation, menopause– which would mean they would be unsuitable candidates. Also, women who have a broader forehead and want an advancement of the hairline are good candidates for a female hair transplant.

Myth #4 – Wait to do a hair transplant when you are bald.

This one is a sure-shot myth due to which many people lose plenty of vital time before they decide to undergo a hair transplant! Transplants involve moving hair follicles starting with one spot then onto the next – from a zone with a decent measure of hair to a thinning up top region. In most instances of male example hair loss, there will, as a rule, be sufficient hair to transplant from around the back and sides of the head to have any kind of effect. If there’s no hair to transplant, then it’s impossible. A good hair bank is a necessity for a better hair transplant as you can only transplant what your bank permits.

Myth #5 – Hair Transplant can be done using someone else’s hair

Speaking theoretically, it seems like a very logical expectation due to the high number of organ transplants like kidney and heart transplants–  but this simply isn’t true. The organ transplants are vital to one’s survival and the patients are kept under high amounts of immunosuppressive drugs for the organs to get accepted by the body. These immunosuppressive drugs come with their own set of complications and are not recommended unless it is essential to survival. If someone else’s hair were transplanted into your scalp, it would trigger an auto-immune response that would reject the hair, as it would be identified as a foreign body. So, although it would be a great solution, transplants need to be carried out using your own hair!

Myth #6 – Body to Scalp Hair Transplants are equally successful

In many transplants, the roots are taken from the rear of the scalp where the development is thick. But if there are not enough roots available back there, one might have to opt for body hair like chest, back and even the pubic area. Though our surgeon at Musk clinic is exclusively trained in body hair transplants, it isn’t always a viable option. The whole idea of a hair transplant is not only to fill the scalp with hair but more importantly to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the individual. Body hair has a different texture as well as growth rate leading to an unaesthetic appearance if placed in the hairline and is mostly used to fill up the gaps in between the existing hair. Moreover, extraction of these hairs leaves scars. Body hair may give a feeling of totality in the zone where one encounters the greatest balding, yet it is never the equivalent.

If you’re considering getting a hair transplant or want to get more aware about it, we at Musk Clinic, the best clinic of Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad are always willing to help. You can mail us at [email protected] or call us on +91-7043006599.


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