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Former Browns Mentor Gregg Williams Believes Baker Mayfield Could Have Led the Team to a Super Bowl Victory

Just a year ago, Baker Mayfield was deeply involved in an intense competition for the prime quarterback position with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Following a season that ended on a high note and secured him a three-year contract extension worth $100 million, a previous coach from the Cleveland Browns has come forward with substantial accolades for the 28-year-old player.

Looking at the numbers, the season of 2018 stands out as a remarkable period in Mayfield’s career. His performance in 2023 with the Tampa Bay team outperformed this period, when he totaled 27, to record the second-highest number of touchdown passes in his career. In the previous year, Mayfield achieved personal bests by throwing for 4,044 yards and 28 touchdowns, all the while committing just 10 interceptions in a season where he took part in 14 or more games, marking this as the season with the second-lowest interception count under such circumstances.

Williams made a bold assertion, achieving a record of 5 wins and 3 losses while serving as the interim head coach for the team, following his takeover from Hue Jackson. The Browns, in a move in 2019, decided on Freddie Kitchens for the position of head coach, which led to Williams leaving Cleveland.

Gregg Williams, who temporarily took on the head coaching responsibilities for the Cleveland Browns during the last eight games of the 2018 season, is confident that he and Mayfield could have clinched a championship for the team. The ex-coach didn’t hold back his opinions, as he praised Mayfield extensively on an episode of the Come Get Some Show.

“I’m overjoyed. He ranks among my favorites of all time. Had we remained—if I had not decided to leave Cleveland, I strongly believe a championship was within our reach,” shared Williams.

It fills me with immense pride to see his continual success. He’s shown his worth repeatedly—throughout his high school years, into his college days, and now as he progresses through the NFL. If you’re looking for some of that Bake magic, he’s right here. His achievements bring me great joy.

What is Baker Mayfield famous for?

What is Baker Mayfield famous for?

Baker Mayfield, the American football quarterback, has left an indelible mark on the gridiron. His journey from a walk-on player to a Heisman Trophy winner at the University of Oklahoma speaks volumes about his talent and determination. Drafted first overall by the Cleveland Browns in the 2018 NFL Draft, Mayfield’s rookie season shattered records, including the most passing touchdowns by a rookie quarterback. His leadership and impact extend beyond the field, making him a beacon for football enthusiasts worldwide.

What is Baker’s win-loss record?

Baker Mayfield, the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback, has navigated a rollercoaster of wins and losses throughout his career. Let’s delve into the Gridiron Saga:

Rookie Resilience (2018): In his debut season, Mayfield led the Browns to a 7-7 record, displaying promise and poise as a young quarterback.

Ups and Downs (2019–2021): The subsequent years saw a mix of triumphs and setbacks. Mayfield’s win-loss records were as follows:

2019: 6 wins, 10 losses

2020: 11 wins, 5 losses

2021: 6 wins, 8 losses

Challenges Persist (2022): The 2022 season proved challenging, with the Browns finishing at 3-9 under Mayfield’s leadership.

Recent Revival (2023): However, in 2023, Mayfield orchestrated a turnaround, securing a 9-8 record for the Browns. His resilience continues to shape the team’s destiny on the field.

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