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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Here’s Everything About the Game

Final Fantasy VII Remake is the most awaited and iconic game and announcement of the game made in 2015. Fans are so excited and ask many questions about it. Therefore, here we are writing about the new game and developments of the game.

Release Date of Final Fantasy VII

First, it was announced that the final fantasy VII Remake PS4 version would come in March. However, it delayed from 3rd March to 10th Apri. No release date is confirmed, and no new announcement is made yet. According to spoilers, the PC version of the game will not come sooner than April 2021.


the turn-based combat has revealed already in which combat system is similar to the FF15. The ATB meter fills when you fight in the game, and it can also turn into the tactical mode for getting slow-motion time for a fight.

Players are able to switch party members to resist spells and attacks. In the combat mode, the player feels like the traditional turn-based system. There will be some new characters in the game, and the trailer also explains the story of the game.

No official news is revealed yet about the game, but Square Enix confirmed that there is no plan for other platforms. The game will be available for only PlayStation 4. But hopefully, sooner we will get the PC version because reports are claiming that there will be the second part in the next year.

Are there New Changes In Final Fantasy VII?

Fans are looking for some new changes in Final Fantasy VII, and these could be in the form of story arcs, new characters, and dungeons. The new addition will be all about the world-building and tone a generous amount.

However, we are not sure what the changes will be in future installments. It is because news is unclear yet, but hopefully, we will get an amazing job by developers.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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