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Christmas Movies on Netflix – The Oomph Of Hot Picks!

Netflix has a huge collection of feature films, documentaries, TV shows, anime, award-winning Netflix originals, and many more for you, this Christmas. There is no other place like home for spending your Christmas in a good and easy way. This year, get yourself a cozy unpack to some digital worth and watch your favorite seasons and movies on Netflix. Yes, Netflix has bought some super exciting shows/series for its users for this Christmas. Not only for Christmas but there is also a further collection of shows that you can watch anytime anywhere. 

In this post, we will let you know about what are the top best Christmas movies on Netflix this year. Also, we will give you details about every one of them too. So without any further hold-up let’s dive into the post right now. 

Note: The list below will include all genres including comedy, romance, family originals, animation, and more. 

White Christmas

One of the top classic Christmas movies on Netflix to watch this year, White Christmas. This 1954 vintage movie is a full back of comedy-drama, suspense, and a lot of fun. In short, it’s a must-watch for all Netflix users out there. You can watch this masterpiece with your family. Also, if you want your children to tear up from the animations series, go for White Christmas right now. The best part is, the film provides a proper Christmas spirit that is hard to find.  

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Another classic Christmas movie on Netflix to watch this year with your family, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. The show is fully packed with some super big names and also features songs by the legend, John legend. This fantastic show covers the story of a young girl who is on the mission to save his only grandfather, a toy creator. The girl and her grandfather struggle to save the big toy creation. The song, also the dance will stay in your head for a long period. The adults and kids will surely love the heartwarming story. If you’re looking for a joyful movie that you can watch this Christmas, look no further and have a look at Jingle Jangle. 


Now here comes the best delightful Christmas movie on Netflix to watch, Klaus. Also, it is one of the best animation movies of all time. The movie’s story revolves around a super spoiled postmaster to his new station in an awkward and unpleasant outpost. At his new location, he meets a woodsman with an extra fluffy beard, his job was to make toys. We can name this film as a new way of retelling the story of Santa Claus. No doubt, this film is imaginative and interesting. Also, this movie has some heart-touching scenes that will force you to smile. The best part is, this film was nominal for the best animation movies award. 

The Knight Before Christmas

Well, this one is going to be the first romantic Christmas movie on Netflix to watch this Christmas. This is one more addition of romantic movies on Netflix for this Christmas. The show tells the story of a knight who is magically transported to this modern world. The twist arrives when he meets a teacher who is preparing for her loveless holidays. 

Fireplace for Your Home

Yes, it’s not one of the Christmas movies on Netflix. But, what would be better than having a relaxing fireplace in your own home? Right! This film is going to fill your place with coziness. Also, it is super easy to move on this almost-film. It even has some realistic pops that will give you some proper chills. The little downside of this show is, the duration is only 1 hour. But, you can restart the PC anytime. Well, we are sure it will be a must-watch for you and your family also. For some coziness in advance, go and have a look at the trailer right now.  

Holiday in the Wild

Last but not least, one of the slightly atypical Christmas movies on Netflix, Holiday In The Wild. The story is about a woman who sends her son to college and plans a second honeymoon for herself and her husband. She plans the honeymoon after her husband asks for a separation. The woman just wants to spend a great, timely holiday with her husband. While they were on safari, the vet rider discovered her love for animals, and then they decided to stay longer. Also, she conveys a powerful message to an elephant. The movie is a full pack of fun. In an elephant sanctuary, she meets a dashing man ( Rob Lowe of course.)

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