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Celebrating Love: First Anniversary Date Ideas

Anniversarys are always special, after all, it’s that special day on the calendar that officially marks the start of your romantic relationship, it’s the celebration of your love. This special day deserves to be celebrated regardless of everything else and certainly no matter how many years you have spent together. But of all Anniversarys, the first is the most special, right? The first Anniversarys sets the standard for all upcoming Anniversarys and this event just shows how much effort you are willing to put on for special days.

First Anniversary date ideas

Just because you both have reached the first year, it doesn’t mean that you stop making efforts to make the day special for your partner, be it your boyfriend / girlfriend or your husband / wife. It is very important to keep the spark alive between you two, no matter how many years you have been together. The secret to a long lasting happy relationship is that you have to treat your partner as if you are still trying to date him, as if you know you are still trying to win him over. Chase your partner even when he is yours and this is how you will never lose your partner, it is a proven fact.

After a year together, you may now have a list of things you both hate, complaints that you never thought you would have in your relationship. It’s good and it’s natural. Take advantage of your first Anniversary  to remember why you both fell in love with each other, remember why you and your partner started dating and everything you both found to be sweet and pleasant in the other person. But in case you run out of ideas for the first Anniversary that you and your partner will really enjoy and that will make you fall in love with each other again, we’re here to help with a bunch of them. will not be heavy in your pocket but will be romantic and fun.

Here are some of the first Anniversary date ideas that you and your partner can choose from.

Go back to where it all started

Did your love story start in a cafe? A club? A museum? Well, no matter where it started, return to this place on your first Anniversary and celebrate easy-to-order online flower delivery in Delhi. It’s going to be super romantic and nostalgic. If you both meet in a distant country during the holidays, book your tickets and return to that place to fall in love again. To make things more interesting, you could both pretend you are strangers and stage your story and relive it again! Just that, this time, you know for sure that your partner is already in love with you (but hey, that doesn’t mean that you won’t make every effort to sweep him off, in fact, put as much effort as you did it the first time.)

Go away

After being together for a year now, it is likely that you have both started to lose the spark, it is completely natural. So use your first Anniversary to find that spark, to fall in love again and away from your everyday life. Take a trip, just the two of you!

Whether you love the mountains, the beaches or the forests or any other place, book your tickets and go. You will never regret this decision. Thank you later!

A romantic date at home

In case you couldn’t take a trip or go anywhere on your first Anniversary, at least have a super romantic date at home and here is how: decorate the room with flowers (either the favorite flower from your partner or go with the classic red rose, use scented candles in the room, play soft music (maybe the song you both called “Our song”), cook your partner’s favorite meal , take your partner’s favorite drink, offer something special for him or her with a bouquet of flowers and a card, dress and pretend you are actually dating your partner.

When preparing this date, you may forget to pick up the fresh flowers at the last minute, so to be careful, place your order on Bloomsvilla in advance and have fresh flowers delivered to your door. . You can order flowers online from Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and all other Indian cities hassle free using Bloomsvilla flower delivery service.

Whichever way you want to celebrate your first Anniversary with your partner, it’s up to you two, there is no better way to do it. Do what you both consider special. Make sure you plan the day with your choices in mind, not just yours.

No matter how you spend your first Anniversary with your partner, be sure to tell them “I love you” sincerely and really show it by your actions.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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