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Best video games worth trying out

Gaming has become more popular than ever, and the sheer number of impressive titles released every year is astonishing. Nowadays, gamers of each and every platform have a wide range of games to choose from, no matter the genre. If you feel as though you are getting bored of the games you have in your library and it’s time to try something new, then you are definitely in the right place. Today we are listing some of the best video games worth trying out. Some of these games might not seem like something you would usually be interested in, but we would encourage you to be open-minded and open to trying something new. For the record, we would obviously be here forever if we were to list each and every single game out there that’s worth trying out, so instead we have picked out some of our favorites. If you want to get the best experience possible while you’re playing these games then it might be a good idea to have your TV mounted to the wall, if you are looking for a good way to feel more immersed in the game. Click here for TV wall mounting services. Anyways, let’s get straight into the list.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild

For a game that was only released on the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U, Breath of the Wild was met with exceptional reviews from fans and critics alike. If you are a fan of games with open-world exploration, then this is definitely one of the best video games worth trying out. You have the ability to explore an impressive artistic landscape with a lot of things to see and do while going through the storyline at your own pace. There are a lot of places to explore and side quests to complete, breath of the wild definitely isn’t one of those games that you will be able to get through in one night due to the amount of content in it. It will take you around 50 hours to complete the game, but there’s no doubt that this will fly in with the amount of fun that you will be having. If you are a fan of the legend of the Zelda series, then you would be crazy not to give this video game a go. It’s one of the best video games worth trying out.

Doom Eternal

This one is a whole lot different from the last game we mentioned. It’s probably worth mentioning that this is an R-rated game before we describe it any further, and it’s rated this way for a good reason. DOOM has some violent graphics, but if this is something that doesn’t bother you then you are bound to have a blast playing this brilliant first-person shooter game. There is both a multiplayer and single-player mode for you to enjoy based on what you like best, both have been highly praised. The aim of the game is to progress through levels while defeating terrifying monsters in a brutal fashion, you can choose your difficulty but it’s important to keep in mind that the game is meant to be challenging. The attention to detail in each and every level of the game is nothing short of amazing, playing the game and witnessing the graphics really makes you feel as though you are playing a next-gen video game! Doom is one of the best video games worth trying out if you don’t mind games that are rated R.

Marvels Spiderman

Marvel’s Spiderman was met with brilliant reviews when it was released for the ps4 a few years ago, fans expected a lot from insomniac games, and they delivered. At first, people were wary about a new spiderman game when it was announced. This is because each and every spider-man game that’s been released in the past has been a failure, to say the least. It seemed that no games studio could master the swinging mechanics well enough, which is a massive aspect of these games. When Marvel’s Spiderman was released it quickly became clear that Insomniac had finally got it right. Not only this, but the combat, the story, and the graphics were also totally amazing. It would be silly not to mention Marvel’s Spider-Man in our list of the best video games worth trying out. Many fans were bored of playing the same peter parker origin story involving the death of his uncle, so insomniac games jumped straight into a storyline where you play as a version of spider-man who has already had his powers for years. It was a relief for a lot of fans to not have to play out the same old story they had been seeing for years and immerse themselves in a news story that hadn’t been told before.

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