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Top 10 Best Football Helmets 2023: Reviews and Buying Guides

There is no disregard for the fact that football is a very harmful and hazardous activity, despite the fact that it is one of the most entertaining and exhilarating sports there is. As a result, making certain that the participants are kept secure while they take part in the game should be a high concern. Because of this, it is imperative that you have the greatest football helmet money can buy.

That’s why it’s crucial that you have a high-quality football helmet. The list of Top 10 Best Football Helmets 2023 is below that will help you narrow down your options for the finest football helmets in 2023.

Top 10 Best Football Helmets 2023:

10-Riddell NFL Full-Size Replica Speed Helmet

Best Football Helmets

Riddell has created a full-size replica of the NFL team’s speed helmet. This full-size helmet has a non-wear plate and molded foam mouth pads for further protection and comfort. A face mask made of steel with a polyvinyl coating, a four-point chin strap, and elliptic air vents.


  • Authentic style
  • Low-density structures
  • Sturdy materials
  • Affordable pricing point


  • Use is restricted
  • Customization choices are limited

In general, the Riddell NFL Full Size Replica Speed Helmet is an excellent option for fans and collectors looking for a genuine and reasonably priced full-size replica helmet. While it is not ideal for on-field usage and has limited customizing possibilities, its genuine design, lightweight construction, sturdy materials, and low price point make it an excellent investment for both fans and collectors.

9- Riddell unisex adult Riddell Replica Speed

Best Football Helmets

The Riddell Unisex Adult Replica Speed football helmet is a replica helmet of the highest quality that was intended for athletes who are looking for a durable and genuine helmet at a price point that is affordable to them. This helmet is an excellent choice for players of all skill levels due to its lightweight design and comfortable fit.


  • Authentic style
  • Low-density structures
  • Sturdy materials
  • Easy fit


  • Few color choices
  • Customization choices are limited

In general, the Riddell Unisex Adult Replica Speed football helmet is the best option for players who want a reliable, real-looking helmet at a price they can afford. Even though it only comes in a few colors and can’t be changed much, football players for all levels should buy it because of its original design, lightweight, easy fit, and sturdy materials.

8-Schutt Sports Varsity AiR XP Pro VTD II

Best Football Helmets

The Schutt Sports Varsity AiR XP Pro VTD II is a top-tier football helmet that meets the 5-star requirement set by Virginia Tech. These football helmets make use of cutting-edge technology to give a diverse selection of protection options for the player when they are out on the field.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The chin strap supports the adjustment of the size
  • A gentle touch
  • Absorbs force nicely


  • No face shield on the helmet.

If you’re a player, you need Schutt Sports AiR XP Pro VTD II. VTD TPU cushioning helps protect athletes during high-impact periods by soaking up the force of the collision. The curves on vintage helmets are quick and light. The SUREFIT air liner improves the stability and comfort of players of any size. Additional support and sizing flexibility are provided by the helmet’s SC4 rigid chinstrap and jaw pads, which are housed in an attached case. This soccer helmet lacks a protection plate; however, plates may be purchased separately and attached using a torsion release mechanism.

Bottom Line:

When it comes to football helmets, this is one of the top models. The Virginia Tech Helmet Evaluation System gave the Schutt Youth Sports Varsity AiR XP Pro VTD II a fantastic score. There is a lot of praise for it on websites devoted to discussing football helmets.

7-Xenith Youth X2E+ Matte Black Football Helmet

Best Football Helmets

If you get a youth football helmet from Xenith, you won’t need to spend as much time looking for masks and can spend more time actually playing the game. This youth football helmet is a helmet for teens and gives everything that football players (and their parents) need to feel confident and safe while playing on the field. The helmet is designed for teenagers.

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  • The chin strap and face mask are included
  • Adjustable helmets for protection
  • Light in Weight
  • Prevent the effects of linear and rotational forces
  • Comfortable


  • Those who require a greater helmet size cannot use youth football helmets.

The Adaptive Head Protection system, which is patented, is fully compatible with the Xenith X2E +. It’s designed to provide each player with a snug, comfortable fit that will protect them from injury and help them take less damage from shots on goal. This youth-sized helmet has the same high standards of construction and safety features as helmets designed for adults. Just looking at the materials, it’s clear that the Xenith X2E + is among the highest-quality helmets available.

The case is composed of ABS plastic, which makes it both lightweight and sturdy. The helmet can adjust to the force of the collision because to its shock absorption properties. In addition, the Xenith X2E Plus has helpful extras like a Hybrid chin cup, a 3XD jaw guard, and Dual Density comfort cushions. Juniors with some playing experience will benefit most from this helmet. It’s available in a range of sizes and hues.

Bottom Line:

While you certainly don’t want to skimp on safety while shopping for the finest youth football helmet, the price tag may add up quickly. Fortunately, Xenith provides top-notch football helmets at a more affordable price than its rivals. The Virginia Tech Helmet Rank gives Xenith’s helmets a perfect five stars.

6-Schutt Sports Vengeance A11 Youth Football Helmet

Best Football Helmets

The best helmet in this study is the Schutt Sports Vengeance A11 Youth Football Helmet, which costs around $200. According to the STAR method, it is the “Best Available” for football players today.

It all begins with a shell made of polycarbonate that is both more robust and more spacious than the previous versions that Schutt marketed. All of the Schutt helmets designed for varsity players come equipped with this particular piece of technology. Schutt puts forth a lot of effort to serve all of its clients and provides them with a broad variety of size choices, ranging from tiny to huge.


  • A lot of protection
  • Comfortable and easy to get used to
  • Sizes and colors vary
  • Well-made and strong


  • No face shield on the helmet.

Although the helmet’s outside shell is crucial, the padding within it also merits inspection. After all, the helmet has additional padding on the inside to absorb impact and keep your noggin safe.

The Schutt Sports Vengeance A11 Youth Football Helmet provides excellent protection and padding for young football players. The jaws link pads, unlike those in most helmets, are padded with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), and that’s not all. The Schutt Sports Vengeance A11 Youth Football Helmet is lined with soft material for maximum comfort. This function disperses the force exerted by the user’s weight and pressure equally.

Bottom Line:

What makes this adult football helmet the greatest is not only the peace of mind it provides professional football players, but also its simplicity and low weight. The Vengeance A11 Youth Helmet from Schutt Sports comes in a wide range of colors and sizes.

5- Riddell Speed Authentic Football Helmet for NFL Las Vegas Raiders

Best Football Helmets

Next up on our rundown of highly rated football helmets is a model that is widely considered to be among the top options for quarterbacks. This is the Riddell Speed Authentic Football Helmet that the NFL Las Vegas Raiders will be using this season. The vast majority of Riddell items are pricey, however, this particular one is reasonably priced and contains all that a gentleman wants from a helmet.


  • Aggressive shields
  • Stable and resilient
  • Superior protection


  • The cost is quite expensive.

The helmet utilizes Riddell’s Rapid Release Face Protection System, which enables the removal of a face cover with the press of a button. The lining is adjustable to accommodate any size and provides exceptional security and ease on the field. In addition to being removable, Nubuck outer liners have a moisture-resistant lid. There are also ventilation openings to keep you calm and make it simpler for you to breathe throughout the game.

The Riddell Las Vegas features a large carrying case, authentic interior padding, a durable mask, and a four-point chin harness. It also indicates that the helmet provides excellent cushioning, protection, and head stability.

Bottom Line:

Despite its stunning good looks, this Riddell helmet isn’t good enough for the gridiron. They are not suitable for use in sanctioned competition. You may put this football helmet on display or use it in a friendly game of football.

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4-Schutt NCAA Florida Gators On-Field Authentic XP Football Helmet

Best Football Helmets

This Schutt NCAA Florida Gators On-Field genuine XP Football Helmet is a genuine football helmet of the highest possible quality. It was developed specifically for fans and collectors of the Florida Gators football team. This helmet offers superior comfort and safety thanks to its sophisticated padding and its ability to be adjusted to the wearer’s head.


  • Authentic style
  • Easy fit
  • Better safety measures
  • Durable designing


  • Play on the field is restricted to its usage only.
  • Expensive pricing point

Fans and collectors of the Florida Gators who are interested in purchasing a football helmet that is both legitimate and of high quality should give serious consideration to purchasing the Schutt NCAA Florida Gators On-Field legitimate XP Football Helmet.

Bottom Line:

Players and collectors alike will find it to be a worthwhile purchase due to its excellent safety, comfortable fit, and long-lasting construction, despite the fact that it is not designed for use on the playing field and comes at a somewhat high cost.

3-Schutt F7 VTD Adult Football Helmet with Facemask

Best Football Helmets

The Schutt F7 VTD Adult Football Helmet is a great option if you’re looking for a concussion-preventing helmet or what is the best football helmet 2023 season. We are aware of the high cost of this helmet. However, it is also very well made and robust enough to shield your noggin from a blow to the head.


  • Well-made and strong
  • Excellent security attributes
  • Comfortable padding
  • can change as needed


  • Quite costly

The F7 Schutt Adult Football Helmet has the highest SAO Ranking System score ever recorded at Virginia Tech. When it comes to protection and security, Schutt F7 offers everything you could ask for. This lightweight helmet case weighs just 4.4 pounds and has Tektonic 3DM Sheet Technology and Helmet Stabilization to disperse the force of blows and magnetic blows uniformly throughout the whole surface area. HSS Stabilizer Gasket and TPU Cushion are also responsible for this.

In addition to providing comfort and security, the synthetic leather padding on the helmet’s front makes it more resistant to friction and absorbent moisture. Because of this, football players may play the full game without experiencing pain or having their eyesight blurred by perspiration.

Bottom Line:

The SC4 Hard Cup chinstrap and the specialized F7 Titanium protection are included. This Schutt F7 helmet has a torsion release mechanism and an adjustable valve mounting system to allow for a more secure and comfortable fit. If you’re looking for a helmet that will keep your head as safe as possible while playing football, go no further than this Schutt model.

2-Riddell Dallas Cowboys NFL Authentic Speed Revolution Full-Size Helmet

Best Football Helmets

Riddell Dallas Cowboys NFL Authentic Speed Revolution Full Size Helmet is one of the most high-quality football helmets, and it is impossible to exclude it from any list that ranks football helmets because of its prominence. Reviews of football helmets from all around the globe agree that this model is the best combination of comfort and durability. This is an excellent helmet for talented position players, particularly midfielders, but it is also suitable for other skillful players. Riddell SpeedFlex is worn by athletes competing at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels.


  • Highly recommended by experts
  • Provide relief for both the pros and the amateurs
  • Assists in reducing the impact of negative effects
  • Superb safety
  • Your chinstrap may be quickly modified


  • Customization takes a month

Riddell’s SpeedFlex Helmets are equipped with all of the technical advancements that the firm has developed in order to make them the safest football helmet in 2023. The SpeedFlex soccer helmet has a contemporary and streamlined design, and it incorporates Riddell’s unique Side Impact Protection, which is included in all of the other soccer helmets that Riddell currently has available on the market.

The traditional structure used for the majority of soccer helmets is rigid, but the SpeedFlex was created to bend and conform to the force of any hit it sustains. Because of this, the bulk of the external force is redistributed, which reduces the shock to the head. This helmet has a liner that can be replaced that is intended to suit all different sizes of heads to guarantee that there is very little movement if any movement at all when it comes into contact with another player.

Bottom Line:

It should come as no surprise that the Riddell SpeedFlex Adult Football Helmet with Facemask was selected as the best football helmet available on the market. Consider purchasing this product if you are seeking a football helmet that is both renowned and safe.

1-Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet

Best Football Helmets

The Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet is the very best helmet that has been built exclusively for football players that are younger in age. This helmet offers exceptional protection and comfort for use on the field thanks to its cutting-edge features and its adaptability in terms of fit.

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  • The Flex Panel
  • Lightweight structure
  • Excellent padding
  • Removable strap across the chin


  • Costly
  • Inadequate range of colors

The Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet is a top-of-the-line helmet that has been built for younger football players who place a premium on comfort as well as protection. On the field, its outstanding protection and comfort are a direct result of its cutting-edge features, which include an adjustable chin strap, a flex panel, and improved padding. On the other hand, there are not as many color choices available and it may be more costly than some of the other child helmets on the market.

Best Football Helmet 2023 Buying Tips

Best Football Helmets

1-The Young vs the Adult

Football players may choose from a wide variety of helmets on the market. Football helmets are available in sizes for both youth and adults. Youth football helmets are often simply scaled-down versions of full-size soccer helmets with the same protection and functionality. All ages may now enjoy the sport of soccer without fear of injury. Some extra-large youth sizes have such a narrow crown that they fit little adults quite well. It’s simple to purchase a helmet for a young or an adult.

2-Select the Proper Measurement

Correctly fitting football helmets are essential. It not only improves your state of mind but also your safety and the likelihood that nothing bad will happen. Because of the tension in your thoughts, you are unable to perform at your highest level. Once it gets in your eyes, you may kiss success goodbye. Check whether your helmet is a good fit by doing the following:

  • If you’ve had any previous injuries, you should check your records. If your current helmet isn’t doing its job, you should probably get a new one.
  • Determine the correct football helmet size by comparing your head circumference measurement to those provided by other manufacturers.
  • Then, to get the greatest results, make sure your helmet fits properly.
  • The optimum helmet should be at least an inch higher above the player’s eyebrows while the player is standing still. It’s also important that your helmet fits snugly against your jaw. The best helmets provide enough protection without significantly hindering performance.

3-Select the facemask

Stainless steel, titanium, and carbon steel are excellent choices for the mask’s construction. Stainless steel has the advantages of being both inexpensive and massive. Carbon steel and titanium are heavier and stronger but cost more WLife.

In addition, a mask with metal bars over the nose and mouth is preferable. It’s more effective at shielding your face from harm while still letting you keep an eye on things. Some helmets may have several crossbars or enlarged metal bars.

Finally, look for helmets that have a face shield that can be removed easily. This is an imaginary function that will let you take off your mask in an emergency.

4-Other attributes

  • Football helmets with an Airliner are the safest and most comfortable option since they conform to the shape of the wearer’s head.
  • TPU padding is the way to go since it doesn’t wear down. Antifungal and antibacterial properties are inherent to TPU buffering technology.
  • The helmet’s stabilizing mechanism requires your whole concentration. For instance, does your helmet have the ability to disperse the energy created by the impact? The comfort of the helmet is increased by the stabilizing mechanism, particularly in the area closest to the jaw.

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What is the number one football helmet?

Its 0.52 STAR rating was the highest of the 30 helmets examined. This helmet was tested in 2021 with the S0212 LP facemask. It weighed 4.7 lbs.

What’s the heaviest football helmet?

The SpeedFlex Diamond is quite heavy. The Diamond is the heaviest helmet on our list, weighing in at five pounds or more.

 What are football helmets used for?

When playing football on the field, it is imperative that you wear a soccer helmet. Its purpose is to prevent concussions and other brain injuries from linear force shocks. Studies suggest that the risk of brain injury is reduced by up to 20% when soccer helmets are worn, despite the fact that they do not give 100% protection against the negative consequences of contact and collision.
A quality helmet will safeguard not only the wearer but also the other players on the field. Because of the tough material from which most soccer helmets are produced, they may be utilized as an attacking weapon with no difficulty.

Is it necessary to pump up football helmets?

No Pumping air inside a soccer helmet is only necessary if the helmet does not include an air-filled gasket and an airframe.
Several types of football helmets on the market include air gaskets and inflated jaw pads to protect the player. This is particularly true for contemporary designs of football helmets. These pads are meant to provide protection to the head’s most delicate regions; therefore they should fit snugly yet pleasantly.
Everyone knows that a soccer helmet is never the right fit. There will almost always be blanks or missing pieces. We’ve already established that a severe concussion may result from a helmet that doesn’t fit properly. People use gaskets to fill the holes in their helmets with air, which is a common solution.


It is our sincere hope that this article, along with the following list of the highest-quality best football helmets that Sportda has compiled for your convenience, will assist you in locating the headgear that is an ideal fit. Always keep in mind that your own protection is the most crucial consideration, and if you plan on taking part in any kind of football game, make sure to always wear a helmet.

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